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Minneapolis school intersection Asphalt Art projects an effort to improve pedestrian safety | #schoolsaftey

On the side of South High School, there is a mural featuring portraits of several students.

But soon it won’t be the only outdoor art work in the immediate area.

“People rarely stop at this corner. So anything to bring more attention here would be great,” Tom McComas, who lives nearby, told FOX 9.

The city has received $25,000 from Bloomberg Philanthropies to create asphalt art projects at two intersections: Near South High and Minneapolis Public Schools’ Transition plus school, and about a block from Folwell Community School.

City officials say its part of a larger project along 21st Avenue South to make it easier for students to walk, bike and bus to school safely.

“It’s very easy just to kind of zone out when you’re driving and you’re just concerned with getting yourself where you’re going. These really act to slow down drivers to increase the rate at which drivers yield to pedestrians, which is very important,” said Andrew Schmitz, City of Minneapolis associate transportation planner.

A recent study in other cities showed painting brightly colored murals on busy intersections can cut pedestrian crashes by up to 50% and all crashes by 17%.

Minneapolis officials say an artist will work with teachers and students at the schools to design and paint the projects this spring.

“When the community is involved in a public art project, there’s better ownership of the project. People take care of it better,” said City of Minneapolis public arts administrator Mary Altman.

People who live and work nearby say anything that brings the community together to make the streets safer for pedestrians would be a real masterpiece.

“If it could help pedestrian safety, that would be amazing. That would feel really great just to be able to go out without being so worried,” said Rachel Mayer, a teacher at Transition Plus.

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