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Montgomery, Pa. — A man admitted to messaging young girls online and sending them pictures of his genitals, police said.

Jacob Mitchell Boudeman claimed he never asked for sex from the two minors during an interview with state police on April 16. He did admit to sending pictures of his penis and receiving pictures from one of the victims.

Investigators seized the 21-year-old Turbotville man’s phone, uncovering text messages allegedly showing he did want to meet the children for sex, police said. 

Boudeman told one of the minors, who was just 13, that he was masturbating during a conversation, investigators said. He asked the girl twice to meet him to have sex while exchanging messages on Facebook.

Investigators found pictures of another young teen on Boudeman’s phone after seizing it on April 16. The girl said called Boudeman “creepy” when she was interviewed by police. 

Both girls claimed Boudeman contacted them through messenger. At first, the conversations were friendly, they explained.

They allegedly turned sexual at some point, police said. Boudeman sent both children pictures of himself along with requesting ones back, according to the complaint.

Boudeman is charged with two counts of statutory sexual assault, corruption of minors, child pornography, unlawful contact with a minor, sexual abuse of children, and criminal use of a communication facility. All are felony offenses.

Judge William Solomon denied bail for Boudeman, who is being held at the Lycoming County Prison. Boudeman will appear before Solomon on June 30 for a preliminary hearing.

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