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Selah Freedom, a network member of the Selah Way Foundation

SARASOTA , FL, USA, June 29, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Anti-Human Trafficking Foundation Highlights Prevention Training for Teens & ChildrenSelah Freedom, a network member of the Selah Way Foundation created training courses for parents and children on avoiding online predators titled “Sex, Lies and Media” and “Let’s Take A P.A.U.S.E. for S.A.F.E.T.Y. as a part of their prevention program to protect children from sexual exploitation and trafficking.

The Foundation touched on the importance of having a form of prevention training for teens and young children using the internet since extra screen time can raise the risk of sex predators. With children spending more time online due to COVID-19, many believe it is imperative that they receive training on the legal dangers of sending nude photos, revenge pornography, “sexploitation,” and risky behavior. They also offer age-appropriate options for elementary-aged children, which discuss “trust triangles” and “body safety rules.”

Due to the need for an online class option due to issues surrounding the pandemic, Selah adapted the course into a virtual format.

“With children stuck at home because of COVID-19, many are bored, glued to their phones and are easy pickings,” commented Elizabeth Melendez Fisher Good, Co-Founder/CEO of Selah Freedom, a partner of the Selah Way Foundation.

The Importance of Teaching Children About Online Predators

Statistics show that 1 in 9 children are approached online by a predator. This can ultimately lead to sexual abuse, exploitation, and eventually sex trafficking. Selah Freedom, a network member of The Selah Way Foundation, aims to prevent this through educating and empowering children and interveners through customized, cutting-edge training such as the “Sex, Lies and Media” course to help them recognize signs of exploitation and learn to speak up against abuse. Trainings for parents and interveners are also available.

The organization also shared that 1 in 10 children will experience sexual abuse before they turn 18. Childhood sexual abuse is the root for many sex trafficking victims and many sex workers that sought help from the foundation shared that they were lured in when they were young teenagers.

How Pornography Plays a Role in Exploitation & Sex Trafficking

Part of the prevention program of Selah Freedom is to teach youth about the role pornography can play in exploitation and sex trafficking. The connections range from big to small and include fetishized fantasies that increase the demand for sex trafficking, traffickers and sex buyers finding ideas from porn, and the risk factor for a child growing up in a home where more pornography is regularly consumed. Porn and sex trafficking can even be the same thing as many sex traffickers make money selling videos to porn sites.

For more information on the “Sex, Lies and Media” course from Selah Freedom or to learn more about the work from Selah Way Foundation to eradicate sex trafficking, contact the organization directly.

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About Selah Way Foundation

Selah Way Foundation is an organization dedicated to exposing the root issue of childhood sexual abuse and working to eradicate the injustices of sex trafficking and exploitation. They engage with a collaborative global training network including Selah Freedom. Together they focus on three evidence-based initiatives: Prevention, Protection, and Provision. These initiatives have positioned the Foundation as a leader in the international fight to end sex trafficking and exploitation.

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