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Miss America Pays a Visit to Tri-Cities on Nuclear Tour | #childpredator | #onlinepredator | #sextrafficing

There has been a lot of buzz around nuclear energy as of late, especially in the Pacific Northwest.  Recently, Energy Northwest in Richland announced a partnership with X-energy on a small modular nuclear reactor project.

The first modular reactor is expected to be online in 2030.  Jason Herbert, Sr. Director of External Outreach – New Nuclear Development at Energy Northwest, recently told Newsradio 610 KONA that they will be able to place up to a dozen small modular reactors at the proposed site.  It is exciting news that is attracting interest from all over the Country.

Including From the Reigning Miss America

Grace Stanke is a student at the University of Wisconsin majoring in nuclear engineering.  Grace Stanke also happens to be the reigning Miss America.

Miss America Grace Stanke (Getty Images)

Miss America Grace Stanke (Getty Images)

She was the first nuclear engineering student to compete in the Miss America pageant.  At the invitation of the Washington Policy Center, Miss America came to Richland to visit Energy Northwest and discuss the future of nuclear energy.  This isn’t her first stop, as Grace has been touring different nuclear sites around the Country touting the benefits of nuclear energy.

Miss America Grace Stanke (Photo Mark Rattner)

Miss America Grace Stanke (Photo Mark Rattner)

Miss America anticipates using her degree in the field of Nuclear Engineering upon completion, but she also told us that she enjoys advocating for nuclear energy and would like to continue doing that as well.  One of the things that she has most enjoyed on her tour around the Country promoted nuclear energy is how many people are receptive to the technology and excited about expanding the use of nuclear energy.

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