Mobile Technology Vendors Making Money on Both Side of the Cyber Battlefield – Making Security Apps While Creating Hacking Apps


Mobile technology companies generally make security apps to prevent hacking. But there is another side to that equation. They can also make apps that hack and spy your mobile phones.

Mobile technology vendors that create both hacking and anti-hacking apps are profiting from both sides. NSO Group is an Israeli company which sells apps that can infect cell phones with untraceable spywares. These kind of hacking tools however, are not sold to just anyone. These kinds of cyber products are only sold to governments. But as their products become more popular, their clientele have realized that they too are vulnerable to similar hacking technology. In fact, the founders of NSO have started another company called Kaymera, to create and develop cyber tools that will counter their hacking tools.

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Mobile technology companies quickly realized the profitability of creating both defensive and offensive cyber tools. Edward Snowden helped increase the demand for both offensive and defensive cyber tools. This created some sort of cyber war where governments and big corporations are in a race to obtain the latest in hacking tools as well as the latest defense against such tools.

This is where mobile technology companies like NSO and Kaymera will make a killing. One company will sell the hacking and spyware tools while the other will sell the tools to defend against them. To avoid any appearances on conflict of interest; the two companies have taken steps to distance themselves from one another. It was reported that the NSO Group was sold for $110 Million USD by Francisco partners which is publicly known as a private equity firm.

Corporate demand for cyber security is growing in part to the recent criminal hacking of business firms. Snowden’s revelations on the extent of government surveillance and hacking activities have prompted corporations to avail the services of mobile technology firms like Kaymera.

Other mobile technology companies offering similar services like Kaymera have started to appear in order to meet the growing demand.

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