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This hot mama’s bod was positioned to go viral.

At six weeks postpartum, Instagram influencer Natasha Sandhu is flaunting her “rolls” and “loose” skin on the app, showing off the “reality” of baby weight.

Rather than dropping the pounds, Sandhu is more concerned with shedding societal standards of womanhood and beauty, she said in a post on Friday.

“It’s so hard not to compare yourself to others online and especially as a new num, but here’s your reminder that sometimes what your [sic] comparing yourself to isn’t the whole picture of truth,” Sandhu told her 500,000 followers on the ‘gram.

“If I ONLY posted the photo on the left,” Sandhu wrote alongside a side-by-side comparison of her body relaxed in one image and posed in the other. “You would probably think, I’ve lost baby weight quick, I’ve lost my bump already, I have no loose skin, my body is almost back to normal.”

In the photo on the left, Sandhu sits upright and is sucking in her stomach, but in the image on the right, she is slouching, looking down at her postpartum tummy.

Natasha Sandhu shared posed and unposed images side-by-side on Instagram.
Natasha Sandhu
Sandhu’s followers said she looked “amazing” and championed the content creator for her transparency online.

“That’s what I would think if I saw someone 6 weeks post partum with that image, and don’t get me wrong I’m sure some women do,” she continued. “And ‘bounce back’ but some don’t (me included) the reality is the photo on the right, I have rolls, my skin is loose, my tummy sags and I still feel like I have a bump.”

“But if I didn’t show you the photo on the right, you would never know!” Sandhu added.

Her fans applauded her vulnerability, which resonated with other new moms.

“I’m 4 weeks post second c section- this is the post I needed to see and read – thank you,” one wrote.

close ups of Natasha Sandhu's stretch marks
Sandhu isn’t afraid to flaunt her stretch marks and cellulite.
Natasha Sandhu
Sandhu, who is six weeks postpartum, shared the encouraging message in the hopes that other new mamas will feel more confident.

Added another, “I’m 16 weeks pp and in the exact same boat! I had to really try hard to not compare myself to other mums as I haven’t bounced back at all. And I have stretch marks everywhere. But I’m proud of the little girl I made & know it will take time whilst my body still recovers!”

Sandhu isn’t the only “real” hot mama seeing support on social media. The TikTok tag “mom body positivity” has garnered over 15 billion views on the platform as new moms flock to showcase their jiggly post-baby bellies, and the saggy skin that help them to form a new life.

Last year, touters of the “mom bod” campaigned to normalize the bodies that allowed them to carry a child and birth it, too. Influencer mamas gave The Post a peek into the postpartum life, describing how they had to wear diapers after giving birth while still looking “six or seven months pregnant.”

“The most important thing is to see that baby and their growth and their life develop because of you,” dietitian Jenna Werner previously told The Post. “You have to give your body some time to recover … It doesn’t necessarily look the same anymore, but it doesn’t make it any less beautiful.”


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