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Published: 2023-10-18T19:53:12

  ❘   Updated: 2023-10-18T19:53:22

Optic Texas’ Dashy is widely regarded as one of the best Call of Duty League AR players, but that skill came across as cheating to Modern Warfare 3 community members.

Cheaters plagued the Modern Warfare 3 PS4 open beta. Clips emerged of cheaters ruining matches for other players. Call of Duty insider CharlieIntel later clarified: “Only PS4 players who have bought a PS4 dev kit are able to use hacks in games. Jailbroken PS4s cannot use hacks or play online. So, those cheating right now are those who wasted money on a PS4 dev kit.”

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Then, fears escalated as Watchdog group anti-cheat police department had warned that a cheat provider was giving away its software for free ahead of the PC portion of the beta. Activision attempted to reassure fans by announcing a new suite of detections and protections that will go live once MW3 arrives.

And the devs claimed that only a “small number of accounts” were caught cheating during weekend one. Those promises didn’t stop community members from launching a witch hunt to weed out cheaters. But there is a big difference between skill and cheating.

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OpTic Texas’ Dashy called out for cheating during MW3 beta

On the StreamersCheating Reddit page, a MW3 player posed: “Sus snaps/knowing where everyone is in the beta? A friend of mine sent me this clip on Twitter from a ‘pro’ called Dashy. What are y’alls thoughts?”

Community members called out the clip because Dashy perfectly snapped his AR onto enemies and shredded through them.

OpTic Texas mocked the Reddit post and responded: “Casuals really be forgetting the mini-map exists,” with a crying emoji.

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If anything, this clip confirms that Dashy will be a problem for opposing CDL teams this upcoming season. OpTic reshuffled its roster during the offseason, dropping Ghosty and Huke for Pred and Kenny.

According to Dexerto sources, the Call of Duty League is planning to host the first event of the 2023/24 Call of Duty League season in Atlanta from December 15-17.


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