Modular Combat gameplay (Part 1)

Contains bonus content from Game Banana: Some game-play of Modular Combat mod v2.0.4 that i was playing with some friends. The mod is for the VALVE Source game, Half-Life 2, and requires Source SDK, as with any other mod. This mod in particular is not very popular, due to the lack of servers and undesirable changes in version 2.2 which made the game very different. This mod is quite fun I would say, I give it a 4.5/5 so far. The point of the game is to kill hordes of random enemies; be it Combine, zombies, headcrabs, Vortigaunts or antlions. You gain experience for a character as you go along, and you can have 3 characters per game server, which each server requires a new login password. You can purchase weapon enhancement modules for your guns, items, and even a wide variety of minions which you can “summon” for you with auxillary power. Every purchased perk requires the use of auxillary power, which unlike in Half-Life 2, does not recharge on its own, it requires for you to either use a wall charger, or a battery. Spawning is unlimited, which I think ruins the purpose of a big-ass invasion like this, unlike in Zombie Panic Source, where you actually need to stay alive. The game’s “story,” or so its called, is the resistance, Combine and Aperture Science are testing the HEV VI suits, which has GlaDOS talking to all the players for an unknown reason. SONG CREDITS: (0:12) Herb Alpert – Spanish Flea (5:40) The Prodigy – Invaders Must Die (11:52) Half-Life 2 Soundtrack

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