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Get stuck in for glam, grafting, and girls and guys “pulling each other for a chat” –Love Island is back for its 10th season with a whole new batch of islanders.

The new summer series began on Monday 5 June, with Maya Jama back on hosting duties after she made her debut on the winter edition earlier this year.

Jama proved a charismatic, and very popular, host for the winter show, which was filmed in South Africa and won by Kai Fagan and Sanam Harrinanan.

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It was recently revealed what training the Love Island contestants were being given ahead of the launch, in line with the ITV2 show’s duty of care procedures.

All contestants on the 2023 summer series have completed video training and guidance across a range of topics, including mutually respectful behaviour in relationships, behaviour patterns associated with controlling and coercive behaviour and language around disability, sexuality, race and ethnicity, and microaggressions.

Check out all the new contestants below – we’ll be updating this article as they are unveiled…

Catherine Agbaje

Islander Catherine Agbaje (ITV)

Age: 22

From: Dublin

Occupation: Commercial real estate agent

Catherine said she can “chat your ears off” and is “always smiling, always happy, always laughing”.

She wants to emphasise that her teeth are real, and not veneers, and that she has two degrees – an undergrad in Psychology and Sociology and a master’s in Real Estate.

Catherine is coupled up with Scott. She was previously coupled up with André, but the pair were briefly split when Zachariah chose to recouple with Catherine.

Mehdi Edno

Islander Mehdi Edno (ITV)

Islander Mehdi Edno (ITV)

Age: 26

From: Bordeaux/London

Occupation: Communications manager

Instagram: @mehdiedno

On how he woos girls, Mehdi said: “I simply start by speaking French, that usually gets girls interested.”

He added that, when he’s looking for a partner, “looks are important but they aren’t everything”, and he also values “a good sense of humour and someone who is outgoing and up for an adventure”.

Mehdi is coupled up with Whitney, with whom he went on a first date on Tuesday (13 June). Together, they have emerged as a fan-favourite couple.

Molly Marsh

Islander Molly Marsh (ITV)

Islander Molly Marsh (ITV)

Age: 21

From: Doncaster

Occupation: Musical theatre performer and social media creator

Instagram: @mollygracemarsh

Molly said she doesn’t go out much or use dating apps as she’s “actually quite old-fashioned”, so she’s decided she wants to meet someone in the Villa, instead.

She said she lives “on a farm with my mum, dad, sister, grandma, grandad, aunty, uncle, cousin, cousin’s husband, their baby and chicken”.

During Thursday’s episode (8 June), Molly was dared to snog the three islanders who she feels the most sexual tension with, one of whom was Zach who also chose to kiss her during the game – which visibly riled up Mitchel.

On Tuesday’s episode (13 June), Mitchel chose to recouple with Molly despite her reservations about their relationship. Mitchel said that he wants to move forward with Molly but she has reiterated once again that she wants to continue getting to know Zach who is similarily interested in her.

Molly was coupled up with Mitchel but has said that she is definitely not “claimed”, stating that she wants to chat with Zach more. On Sunday (18 June), Molly and Zach coupled up.

Tyrique Hyde

Islander Tyrique Hyde (ITV)

Islander Tyrique Hyde (ITV)

Age: 24

From: Essex

Occupation: Semi-professional footballer

Instagram: @tyriquehyde

Tyrique, like many, many Islanders before him, said he’s “not afraid to go after what I want”.

Speaking about interesting facts about himself, he said: “I’m deaf in my right ear. I’ve got a tattoo next to my left one that symbolises strength and power in my good one.” He also said he is best mates with former Love Island star Toby Aromolaran.

Tyrique is coupled up (again) with Ella, after previously being briefly coupled up with Leah,

Ella Thomas

Islander Ella Thomas (ITV)

Islander Ella Thomas (ITV)

Age: 23

From: Glasgow

Occupation: Model

Instagram: @ellathomas_

Ella said she knows what she wants in life and that she’s got a “big heart”, insisting that she’s “wifey material”.

Speaking about her claim to fame, she added: “I’ve been in a Headie One and Burna Boy music video and I was once an extra in World War Z. I was 12 years old when I filmed it and got to meet Brad Pitt which was cool.”

Ella is coupled up with Tyrique, after previously being single when Leah recoupled with her former partner, on Tuesday (13 June). She was at risk of being dumped from the island on Wednesday’s episode (14 June) but was ultimately saved, with Ruchee going home instead.

Ella and Tyrique have been on quite a journey after the footballer had to make a decision between her and Leah.

Mitchel Taylor

Islander Mitchel Taylor (ITV)

Islander Mitchel Taylor (ITV)

Age: 26

From: Sheffield

Occupation: Gas engineer

Instagram: @mitcheltaylor_

“I thrive on being a gentleman,” said Mitchel. “I’ll shower you with flowers, I’ll take you on dates, I’ll fill your bedside drawer with your favourite sweets and chocolate.”

But Mitchel is “really picky”, so he’ll only do this with a girl who doesn’t give him the “ick” for the following reasons: “Food in your teeth and counting coins in your hand – when a girl stands at the bar counting out the coins to pay for a drink, it’s not for me!”

During a dare on Thursday 8 June, Mitchel was asked to kiss the islander he found most attractive besides his partner and he kissed Ella.

Mitchel is coupled up with Leah after Molly – who he seemed settled down with despite Molly suggesting that he get to know other girls – coupled up with Zach.

Jess Harding

Islander Jess Harding (ITV)

Islander Jess Harding (ITV)

Age: 22

From: London

Occupation: Aesthetics Practitioner

Instagram: @jesshardingox

“When a guy stunts for money, that’s an ick. Showing off all their designer clothes because most of the time they’re probably fake anyway!” she said. “Another [ick] is when a boy runs for the train and the train goes without him. Lunch Boxes also – just go to Tesco and get a meal deal!

Jess added that she is “a really good girlfriend”, stating that she’s “got quite a big personality and I’ve got a heart of gold”.

Jess is coupled up with Sammy.

Zachariah Noble

Zachariah Noble (ITV)

Zachariah Noble (ITV)

Age: 25

From: South East London

Occupation: Personal trainer and basketball player

Instagram: @zachariah_noble97

On what gives him the ick, Zachariah said: “I’ve got two and they’re both really stupid; Bad handwriting – I’ve got terrible handwriting so they’d need to have better handwriting than me and twerking, I really don’t like twerking!”

He also said he loves his cat… a lot. “My cat is a huge part of my life, I honestly love him. He’s called Frank, I named him about 10 years ago – his full name is Frankie G Swagger Don, I treat him as if he’s my son, I’m going to miss him so much when I’m in the villa.”

After entering the villa as a bombshell, Zachariah chose to steal Catherine away from André.

Zachariah is coupled up with Molly on Sunday (18 June), after previously being coupled with Charlotte.

He was previously coupled with Catherine and has also expressed romantic interest in Molly, with whom he has shared a kiss with. Molly had said she is open to getting to know him, too, eventually leaving Mitchel for Zach.

Whitney Adebayo

Whitney Adebayo (ITV)

Whitney Adebayo (ITV)

Age: 25

From: London

Occupation: Entrepreneur

Whitney joined the villa on Wednesday 7 June as a Bombshell, and immediately formed a connection with Andre. However, the four-year age gap was repeatedly mentioned as a potential roadblock to a relationship.

“I’m too much to handle sometimes, maybe people are intimidated by me. I know what I want and I’m very picky,” she said, ahead of joining the show.

Whitney is coupled up with Mehdi, with whom she went on a first date on Tuesday (13 June).

Sammy Root

Sammy Root (ITV)

Sammy Root (ITV)

Age: 22

From: Kent

Occupation: Project Manager

Sammy joined the villa on Thursday 8 June as a Bombshell, after which he chose to take out Ella, Molly, and Jess on speedy dates. None of their connections proved to be especially strong, however.

Asked to pick three of the most important things that he looks for in a partner, Sammy said: “She’s gotta have a nice bum, an amazing personality and be family orientated.”

He also said that Glass Onion star Madelyn Cline is the “perfect girl”.

Sammy is coupled up with Jess.

Leah Taylor



Age: 27

From: Manchester

Occupation: Business Owner (Social Media Marketing)

Leah was the second Bombshell to join the series on 12 June, alongside Charlotte. She is not currently coupled up with anyone.

Asked about the “elevator pitch” she would give to entice someone to date her, the islander replied: “I would say I honestly have so much love to give and being in love is the best thing you can ever experience.

“I’m ready for everything that comes with it and the hardships you have to go through in order to make that commitment and find the one.”

Leah is coupled up with Mitchel, after previously being coupled with Tyrique, despite him still being interested in Ella.

Dumped Islanders

Islander George Fensom (ITV)

Islander George Fensom (ITV)

George Fensom

Age: 24

From: Bedford

Occupation: Business development executive

Instagram: @georgefensom

George said he was going to bring “dad jokes and dad dancing to the Villa” and that he would love to meet a girl who can bring “even more banter” than him, though doubts whether that is “physically possible”.

He said he’s “the first person to bring the vibe up”, adding: “I’m always dancing, I’m always the one who wants to go out.”

George was the first islander to be dumped from the villa.

Islander Ruchee Gurung (ITV)

Islander Ruchee Gurung (ITV)

Ruchee Gurung

Age: 24

From: Sutton

Occupation: Beautician

Instagram: @rucheewawo

Ruchee said she is a “relationship kind of girl, but so far it’s not worked out for me”. She said she is super “caring”, adding: “My love language is gift giving, so I’m a real giver when it comes to relationships.”

The beautician revealed that there are two major things that give her the “ick”: “Guys with no ambition” or “Guys with white jeans and red trainers”. They are, she said, a fashion no-no.

Ruchee was dumped from the island on Wednesday (14 June) when the boys decided to save Ella over her.

André Furtado



Age: 21

From: Dudley

Occupation: Business owner

Instagram: @dre.furtado

André said: “I would say I fall too quickly, to be honest. When I look at beautiful ladies, before I’ve said hello to them I’ve already fallen in love. I’m already planning the wedding.”

Asked what he brings to the villa, the business owner replied: “I’m charming, I’m going to bring good looks and some language lessons. I’m going to teach the other Islanders Portuguese, Spanish and a little bit of Creole. I think I’ve got every slice of the pie.”

André was coupled up with Catherine. After bombshell Zachariah chose to couple up with her on Wednesday 7 June, they were briefly split, but reunited on Tuesday (13 June).

André left the villa on Sunday (18 June) after the girls decided to dump him.

Charlotte Sumner



Age: 30

From: Bournemouth

Occupation: Dental Nurse

Charlotte was one of two new Bombshells to arrive at the villa partway through Monday 12 June’s instalment.

Asked why she was competing on Love Island, the dental nurse responded: “Friends and family kept telling me to apply for Love Island so I thought, why not? The age I’m at and the experiences I’ve had, I feel ready to meet my Mr Right.”

Charlotte was coupled up with Zachariah after she chose to couple up with him on Tuesday (13 June).

Charlotte was dumped from the villa on Sunday (18 June) after the boys decided to dump her because Zachariah and Molly coupled up.

Love Island airs on ITV2 at 9pm Sunday to Friday.


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