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Mom shares colorful travel hack to keep toddlers quiet on flights – AeroTime | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

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Ask any frequent flier what their greatest fear is and their answer is likely to be one or all of the following: delays, cancellations, and sitting next to babies.

In May 2023, video footage of a child screaming “non-stop” for eight hours during a transatlantic flight to New York’s John F Kennedy Airport (JFK) made the rounds on social media. 

One of the flight’s passengers, who took the video, said that the three-year old’s mom looked like she was “used to it”. The mother was also overheard telling one of the flight attendants that her child has a behavioral problem. 

Thankfully, the passengers on the flight were understanding and accepted that it was going to be a long, loud flight. In the clip, the child can still be heard screaming even as the flight landed and passengers were deplaning.

However, not everyone will be quite as understanding. In April 2023, a Southwest Airlines flight bound for Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) had to be diverted in order to remove a man who lost his cool over a shrieking baby on the flight.

According to witnesses, the baby had been crying for 40 minutes on the flight when the man also started yelling and screaming, ranting about the baby’s incessant crying.

When flight attendants requested for him to stop yelling, he cried, “So is the baby!”

Without a doubt, flying with babies can be stressful, so one frequent flying mother shared a travel hack for when she is traveling with her two children, a baby and a toddler.

The mother, who uses the Instagram username @momhighclub , shared that Crayola markers saved her on 15 international flights.

She simply hands a box of colored markers and crayons to her toddler, who happily turns into an in-flight Picasso as he starts drawing and scribbling on the plane trays, walls, windows, and seats.

She shared that this is her hack when she wants her toddler to go to sleep, because handing him a tablet will work him up more.

The jet-setting mother also said that international flights and airlines are much more kid-friendly and tolerant, sharing that Qatar Airways cabin crew did not even bat an eyelash when they saw her son scribbling on the seats.

She also shared that the markers can be completely wiped off with wet wipes.

Comments on her post were mostly positive, with one person saying that as a flight attendant she thinks it’s a good idea but hopes that parents do not forget to wipe the surfaces clean afterwards.


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