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Mom Sparks Debate After Toddler Sneaks Out to McDonald’s | #childsafety | #kids | #chldern | #parents | #schoolsafey

Growing up, we looked forward to our mom’s taking us to McDonald’s. The classic happy meals with a toy inside were the joyous part of our day. It didn’t matter what the occasion was; the fast-food chain was the best place for any kid.

One three-year-old toddler in Wisconsin loves McDonald’s so much that he snuck out of his house and walked to the restaurant by himself. His mother shared the harrowing story on TikTok, describing when she learned her son was missing.

“Ya’ll don’t look at me; I just woke up. I had to run out of my front door because I woke up and this little boy was not here,” Marissa Phiffer says at the beginning of the video.

“He was not in the house; he was not in the basement; he was not in the front yard or the backyard. He was not around the block. This little boy woke up, put his shoes on and walked to McDonald’s.”

Phiffer, a mother to three-year-old twins Aiden and Aleiya, said they were napping on the floor 

Like many parents, the 23-year-old had fallen asleep beside her children in their crib. When she woke up, Aiden was gone. As a result, Phiffer panicked and called 911 to report a missing child.

“I really started to get nervous when he wasn’t in our neighbor’s yard. I thought that’s where I’d find him. They have a bunch of rocks and he likes to line them up and play with them,” Phiffer told TODAY.com.

Police arrived at her home in “two seconds” with a photo of Aiden, reassuring the worried mother that her son was safe. He seemingly walked to the McDonald’s across the street from their home.

Additionally, Phiffer said a concerned citizen spotted Aiden wandering toward the restaurant and called the police.

The 23-year-old hopped in her car with her daughter and drove to McDonald’s.

“We run in, and he goes, ‘Hi, Mom!’” Phiffer explained to the outlet.

Aiden was having the time of his life inside the play area until his mom showed up.

The young boy told his mom he snuck out because he was “hungry” 

Phiffer was too relieved to be angry at Aiden. She claims the situation almost caused her to have a heart attack. However, she was thankful her son was found safe and unharmed.

“I almost bought him a Happy Meal, but I was embarrassed,” Phiffer said. “I just wanted to get out of there.”

There’s no denying that Aiden is a huge fan of McDonald’s. His mother says he often wakes from a deep sleep when she pulls up to the drive-thru window.

“Fries, nuggets and apple slices — he’d eat that every day,” she said. “But that was actually his first time going to the PlayLand there.”

Phiffer installed childproof safety locks inside her home to prevent Aiden from sneaking off again.

However, the TikTok video has garnered over three million views and sparked a discussion on child safety.

TikTok Users shared their thoughts on Aiden’s solo trip to McDonald’s

Several mothers in the comment section shared similar experiences with their children.

“My kid did this once when she was 4 years old it scared 😱 me she was going to see family acoss the road 😳,” one user said.

“I know how u feel mine went to the park he slipped right passed me while I went to smoke a cigarette talking bout he just wanted to play so I know,” another user wrote.

“That happened to me before but they didn’t go to McDonald’s lol they went to my neighbors and they called the cops 🤦🏾‍♀️. Thank God he’s okay tho 💕,” a third TikToker said.

Meanwhile, other users found humor in the situation.

“He looked at mom like, ‘and did’”.😂😂,” one user wrote.

“He’s Gutta with it 🤣😂😅😁 a real g glad he’s safe hope he turns out good,” another one said.

Other parents offered tips on how to childproof homes to avoid these incidents

Childproofing your home is one way parents can keep their children safe. Kids can be curious and love getting into things around the house. From peeking into kitchen cabinets, or looking through the bathroom drawers, simple objects can harm them.

In Aiden’s case, he knew how to unlock the front door and leave his home without his mother knowing. Children can learn new things every day. However, adding additional security to all entries in the home can reduce the risk of children leaving the premises unattended.

While Phiffer made some changes in her home, TikTok users had suggestions for the mother of two.

“We had to get those caps for door handles. We also hid a key outside because my little likes to run in the house and lock the door,” another user said.

“Toddler locks for the door we have one,” a third user wrote.

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