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Wia dis foto come from, Hajia4reall/Instagram

Wetin we call dis foto,

Mona plead guilty to conspiracy

One popular influencer and Instagram queen for Ghana, Mona Montrage also known as ‘Mona 4 real’ dey face up to five years for jail ova ogbonge romance scams.

Dis na afta im don plead guilty for “laundering proceeds from plenti romance scams.”

Mona plead guilty to conspiracy to receive moni wey dem tiff, before di United States magistrate judge, Sarah Cave.

For di court proceedings wey happun on 21 February, di socialite wey also turn musician, don gree say im “go pay $2.2m forfeiture and make restitution for di same amount.”

Mona go know im fate afta US district judge, Paul Crotty don sentence am for di mata for di coming days.

Wetin ‘Mona 4 real’ tok afta im plead guilty

Even as Mona dey wait im sentence, im tok say im learn big lesson for dis mata.

For one statement by im management, dem tok say “Mona don take responsibility say dem use im bank account take collect moni from illicit conduct wey end for 2019.”

Di statement tok say, “dis guilty plea no define Mona as a pesin, and e no reflect di personality im be, today.”

Afta di court session on Wednesday, na so Mona don delete all im pictures and videos for im Instagram account.

Wetin be di romance scam wey Mona engage for?

For di statement for di court, from 2013 to 2019, Mona be member of one criminal group wey get base for West Africa.

Wetin dis group dey do be say, dem go fraud pipo and businesses for di US, wey include romance scams.

One statement for di US attorney office tok say, “many of di romance victims na vulnerable, older men wey dey stay alone.”

Di group dey send emails, texts and social media messages to dia victims wey dey believe say dem dey relationship wit dem.

Afta dem convince di victims about di romantic relationship, dem go lure dem make dem pay moni to dia bank accounts.

“Dem also dey trick di victims to send moni wey dem go take transport gold to America or say dem wan resolve one fake FBI unemployment investigation,” di US attorney office tok.

E dey revealed for court say for one of di victim, Mona send am tribal marriage certificate say im and di victim don marry for Ghana.

“Di victim do 82 wire transfer amounting to $89,000 say make Mona take support im papa farm for Ghana.”

Di US state attorney office tok say di total of di bank account wey Mona dey control, receive over $2m of di fraud moni for dia group.

Wia dis foto come from, Hajia4reall/Instagram

Wetin we call dis foto,

Mona Montrage

How dem arrest Mona

Police arrest Mona on 10 November 2022 for di United Kingdom.

On 12 May 2023, dem extradite am from di UK to di US to face di charges for court.

US attorney, Damian Williams tok say “Mona Montrage be member of di criminal conspiracy wey target older American pipo through dis romance scam.”

“Dis scam dey break victims financially and emotionally but law officers and partners don arrest am abroad wia im go face justice for di US.”

But as im appear before court for di first time for May 2023, di 31 year-old influencer plead not guilty to di charges of wire fraud, money laundering, receipt of stolen money and conspiracy.

Na so dem grant am bail on $500,000 bond wit GPS tracker for im leg, according to di prosecutor im office.

Per di charges wey di US goment take slap di socialite, im go fit dey for jail for many years.

For di count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, one count of wire fraud and one count of money laundering, each of dem dey attract maximum sentence of 20 years for jail.

With di count say im collect money wey dem tiff, im dey attract 10-year maximum jail term.

Di US complex fraud office and cybercrime unit pursue di mata since di time dem carry Mona go di US for prosecution.

US attorney Damian Williams tok say “di law enforcement pipo dey pursue any person wey fraud Americans. Na so dem go face justice, no mata wia dem dey.”

Im add say “romance scam like wetin Mona Montrage engage for, dey harm di vulnerable, elderly victims.”

Afta more dan one year of investigation and court wahala, Mona come plead guilty to one count of “conspiring to receive stolen money.”

Wit dis count, im fit go fit go jail for five years.

But di judge go determine if Mona go go jail for five years or more.

Who be ‘Mona 4 real’

Mona na public figure wey rise to fame as ogbonge influencer for Ghana.

Through im Instagram profile wit di username “Hajia4real”.

With 4.3 million followers, im dey promote brands and companies.

Im dey among di top ten profiles for Instagram wey pipo dey follow well-well for Ghana.

Di 31-year-old also be business woman wey get cosmetic brand wey im also get event company.

Afta im feature for some music videos as vixen, Mona enta music.

Im release im first song for November 2020 and since den, im don produce or feature on at least twelve songs before im chop arrest.

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