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Monroe High School active shooter drill, safety training planned | #schoolsaftey

MONROE, Mich. — Law enforcement, first responders and school officials will hold an active shooter drill at Monroe High School Tuesday morning to provide school and emergency crews an opportunity to practice security and response procedures, authorities said in a press release.

The drill, which will occur at the district high school at 901 Herr Rd., will function in collaboration between Monroe Public Schools, state and federal law enforcement partners, local law enforcement and fire personnel, in addition to other community emergency crews and community volunteers. 

“We hope and pray that we never have a reason to put these plans in action,” Andrew Shaw, Superintendent of Monroe Public Schools, said in a press release. “It is essential, however, to practice and be prepared, because we know if an active shooter incident occurs, every second counts to save lives.” 

Local safety personnel and law enforcement partner with Michigan school districts every one to two years, officials said in the press release. During this partnership, they update and adopt revised safety plans; the active shooter drill is intended to provide schools and authorities the opportunity to implement, practice and revise procedures. 

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Monroe Middle School was evacuated in November 2022 following a bomb threat, which authorities eventually deemed non-credible. 


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