Montana agency computers got hacked, Chinese-lingo website down

The Chinese language website came under attack by the hackers in the Montana health department.  Software was used in the security up gradation of the server after the department got to know that the server is not secured.

The malicious software was like that could pilfer the information, harm the computer system, or seize it. The issues were found in the Department of Health and Human Services later on the analysis was made on May 22.

The malicious software was put into the server last year in July after the server was hacked for the first time and the health department declared the server as the weak one.

The server was full of information about the employees’ bank details and the past patients. The blog is used by the hackers to discus and reveal what information they know about the weaknesses in the websites around.

The health department is not entirely sure that none of the information was accessed through this process.

Montana agency computers got hacked, Chinese-lingo website down,,,

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