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More disturbing allegations emerge about the teacher who suddenly died following a child safety complaint against him at Melbourne Girls’ Grammar | #childsafety | #kids | #chldern | #parents | #schoolsafey

  • New claims about private school teacher 
  • Claims he massaged female students
  • David Simpson ‘talked about orgasms’  

There are fresh claims of inappropriate behaviour by a deceased teacher at one of the nation’s most elite private schools including that he massaged female students, talked often about orgasms and called girls into his office for private meetings.

Melbourne Girls’ Grammar teacher David Simpson died on August 18 shortly after he was reported to police over child safety issues.

It has emerged that the $40,000-a-year school first received complaints from teachers and students back in February accusing him of inappropriately touching a student.

Throughout June and July, Simpson is alleged to have had ‘closed door meetings and multiple girls in his office all the time’ – with his habit of massaging the shoulders of female students well known.

He is also believed to have sent an obscene photo to a student.

Police are now investigating these claims with furious parents demanding to know why action was not taken earlier. 

Melbourne Girls’ Grammar teacher David Simpson died shortly after he was reported to police over child safety issues

‘The cover up is vile, teachers at MGGS are sick of this,’ one source told the Herald Sun.

Last week a student took to Reddit complaining about the belated investigation into Simpson.

‘They didn’t mention that he was being inappropriate even though we ALL knew,’ the student wrote.

‘Our parents were worried about us but didn’t know why we were all not that sad. Then this week the school got honest, the only reason they got honest was because of the media not because of the truth.

Melbourne Girls’ Grammar is one of Australia’s most elite private schools with fees costing up to $40,000 a year

‘We are all angry as we complained about him and we know other teachers did too, yet the school ignored all of that. They waited until it got this bad.’

Another student wrote: ‘You think the amount the parents pay, the teachers would listen to the students first after MULTIPLE GIRLS complained about him.’

Some students claimed they left the school over concerns for their safety.

‘I went to this school as well and left last year and all i can say is … best decision i ever made,’ a girl stated.

‘The school never protects their students or teachers.’

The school rejected accusations it acted too little too late or that principal Dr Toni Meath is under pressure to stand down.

‘We reiterate that the school followed its child safety and mandatory reporting procedures, including notifying Victoria Police, and our priority remains on supporting students, staff, and families,’ a school spokesperson told the Herald Sun.

Simpson posted this image and cryptic caption to social media a day before he died
Simpson three years ago Simpson had tweeted this ‘highlight’ of teaching about female anatomy

‘The school uses a variety of specialist recruitment firms, including for a current position announced in May, to appoint an additional Deputy Principal.

‘Finally, there is no veracity to the suggestion that the principal’s position is under question.’

It is understood Mr Simpson, a father-of-two, acted in a ‘support role’ for struggling students.

Three years ago Simpson tweeted one his highlights of the teaching calendar was seeing the ‘look on the boy’s faces’ when he told them that ‘females have – wait for it – three holes’. 

Signs of trouble were evident on Mr Simpson’s Twitter feed leading up to his sudden demise, with a June 14 post revealing he was under extreme pressure.

‘This past week has tested my mettle,’ he wrote.

‘Every ounce of energy and patience has been called upon. Not to mention all the lessons I’ve learned over the journey.’

A day before his death last Friday, Simpson posted an image of a red-tinted Melbourne sunrise captioned with cryptic caption: ‘Be a good day’.

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