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Morrisons has announced it is to increase pay for thousands workers to a minimum of £10.20 an hour. The supermarket chain says this is up 2% from the £10 an hour they were previously paid.

The company will also up the minimum wage for London staff – covering all stores within the M25 – to £11.05 an hour. This is the same rate as the voluntary London Living Wage.

According to Morrisons, 80,000 workers will see their pay go up. The new offer is due to start in October, subject to it being approved by staff, reports the Mirror.

The announcement means Morrisons is now the highest paying UK supermarket for shop floor workers. Clare Grainger, group people director at Morrisons, said: “We’re very pleased to be maintaining our position as the highest paying UK national supermarket.

“Following last year’s 8.7% pay increase for our customer assistants, Morrisons was the first UK supermarket to reach the £10 an hour mark. We’re very pleased to be maintaining our position as the highest paying UK national supermarket.

“This announcement recognises the important contribution our colleagues make in serving local communities up and down the country.” Joanne McGuinness, national officer at the union Usdaw, said: “Usdaw has negotiated an established rate of £10.20 per hour for Morrisons workers, which is the highest basic pay rate in the supermarket sector.

“We have also secured an established rate of £11.05 for staff within the M25, the same as the London Living Wage. Our members in Morrisons will now be balloted on the company’s offer.”

Rival chains Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Asda have also announced pay rises for their workers this year. Supermarkets received huge profits during the Covid pandemic, sparking calls for bosses to increase the pay of workers during the cost of living crisis.

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