Moscow court to announce verdict to two hackers from “Humpty Dumpty”

The Moscow City Court will pass sentence on Wednesday to Konstantin Teplyakov and Alexander Filinov, whom the Russian prosecutor’s office accuses of illegal access to computer information as part of the hacker group “Humpty Dumpty,” Russian Interfax reported.

It is reported that the prosecutor’s office demands to convict the defendants and appoint Filinov and Teplyakov punishment in the form of two and a half and three years in the settlement colony, respectively.

“According to the investigation, in 2013-2016, the defendants, acting in conjunction with persons whose case was separated into a separate proceeding, committed unlawful access to the computer-protected information of a number of citizens of the Russian Federation, as well as copying them for subsequent sale on the sites they use,” The agency said in a statement.

It is worth adding that the leader of the hacker group Vladimir Anikeev (known on the Internet under the pseudonym Lewis), fully acknowledged the guilt and concluded a deal with the investigation. He was convicted in a special order for two years in a colony of the general regime.

We add that Anikeev was arrested in November 2016, a little later Teplyakov and Filinov were arrested.

As you know, a group of hackers who call themselves “Humpty Dumpty” or “Anonymous International” became known a few years ago. According to law enforcement agencies, the group specialized in intercepting correspondence and hacking accounts of officials, large companies and the media for further sale of the received data via the Internet.

Four people were recognized as victims in the Anikeev case: Andrei Belousov, presidential aide, Yevgeny Kislyakov, the top manager of Sberbank, TV presenter Dmitry Kiselev, and Elena Morozova from the Suma group.

It is worth noting that three more hackers – possible participants of “Humpty Dumpty” – are on the wanted list.


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