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Mosier Community School Introduces New Director; Begins Facility Projects to Improve Safety — Columbia Community Connection News Mid-Columbia Region | #schoolsaftey

Others thanked the school for the measures they were taking and asked that the school improve mental health services for students once security measures were in place.

“I just want to bring it back to the fact that we’re all struggling with our mental health. So, while I appreciate the fortress building. I think ideally we would really like to be inviting the community into schools, right? So ideally once we get done with these projects I would love for us to start thinking about funding our teachers better, our TA’s better, and getting more mental health services for the kids that are inside the school.”

MCS Board members shared that they were looking forward to the new school year, despite the challenges set before them.

“I’m really excited about this year, about this board, and about this staff. There’s an excitement in this school that I haven’t seen before. We knew that this was going to be a challenging year but I think we are doing what we can to set a course that creates a collaborative environment for kids to learn and for staff to have a say in how that happens,” said Dan Watson, MCS Board Chair. 

The board thanked staff, Henry, and those behind the scenes workers like Brent Foster, parent volunteer extraordinaire, for their work to make the facilities projects possible, and for their roles in making the school run smoothly.

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