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ESports is a big business with millions of fans and players around the globe. Whether you love the strategy of games like Dota 2 or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, there’s an esports event for you. This article guides you through the most popular esports tournaments in the world. We’ve got all the details about how they work and the prizes to win.

Most Popular eSport Tournaments Worldwide

CS: GO Major

The CS: GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) Major Championships, known as Majors, are some of the most prestigious tournaments in the esports scene. Sponsored by Valve, these tournaments have been a staple since 2013, beginning with DreamHack Winter. The Majors feature a prize pool of at least $1,000,000, up from the original $250,000.

Starting with the ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018, the Majors have adopted a new format. The tournament consists of three main stages:

  • The New Challengers Stage: 16 teams battle for eight spots. These teams are a mix of those who fell out early in the previous Major and winners of smaller regional tournaments (The Minors).
  • The New Legends Stage: The top eight teams, like the Challengers Stage face off against the previous Major. They compete for eight spots in the final stage.
  • The New Champions Stage is the final stage. The eight best teams fight to become the Major Champions.

The prize pool for the most recent event, BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023 was $1,250,000.

The winner of the BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023 was Team Vitality.

The following Major, PGL Major Copenhagen 2024, is scheduled from March 17 to March 31, 2024.

Slot Tournament

Slot tournaments have become a hallmark of the gambling industry. The 2023 Slot Tournament is an adrenaline-pumping competition organized by MGM Resorts. Participants vie for large cash prizes or FREEPLAY® rewards. For those interested in participating in similar contests in their homes, numerous online platforms offer a variety of slot games. You can even check out a comprehensive list of online slots bonuses to find the best options and enhance your gaming experience.

How Does it Work?

The mechanics of a slot tournament are simple yet engaging. Participants are randomly allocated to slot machines set in “tournament mode” without inserting any money to play. You have the time and unlimited spins to rack up points. By hitting winning combinations or activating bonus features on the reels, you earn points.

Structure of the Tournament

The tournament usually comprises three rounds with the lowest score. Countdown timers for each round range between 3 and 15 minutes. All participants share the same countdown timer for fairness. Some tournaments offer a “rebuy” option, allowing you to purchase another round if you’re unsatisfied with your score.

Prize Pool

The prize pool varies depending on the specific tournament. However, top prizes can range between $10,000 in FREEPLAY and $1,000,000 in cash. Participating in at least two qualifying slot tournaments will invite you to the grand finale with a prize pool of up to $200,000 in cash.

Last Year’s Winner and Next Tournament Date

Last year’s winner of the Slot Tournament took home a sizable cash prize, setting the stage for this year’s competitors. As for the big event in this category, mark your calendars for the MGM Rewards Slots Series Finale on January 26 & 27, 2024.

Dota 2: The International

The International (often abbreviated as TI) is an annual Dota 2 tournament. Valve Corporation has organized the competition in various locations, including Germany, the United States, Canada, China, Romania, and Singapore.

Structure and Format

This year, the tournament structure has two phases: ‘The Road to The International’ and ‘The International’ itself. The former includes the Group Stage and the Playoffs, featuring the top 20 Dota 2 teams competing until only eight remain. The Group Stage includes four groups of five teams each, playing over two days. The team with the lowest standing in each group is eliminated, setting the stage for head-to-head rounds between the remaining 16 teams.

The International phase features the final eight teams. The tournament culminates in a series of best-of-three battles leading to the best-of-five Grand Finals.

The structure of the event:

  • Group Stage: October 12-15
  • Playoffs: October 20-22
  • The Finals: October 27-29

Although The International has been known for having the highest prize in esports history, this year’s prize pool is $18 million. For instance, the previous one was $40 million.

Last Year’s Winner: Tundra Esports Dominates in 2022

The International 2022 ended with a bang, crowning Tundra Esports as the undisputed Dota 2 champion. They delivered a jaw-dropping performance by defeating Team Secret with a 3-0 scoreline in the Grand Final. Tundra Esports showcased exceptional team synergy and superior game strategy, dismantling Team Secret in straight games.

League of Legends World Championship

Founded by Riot Games in 2011, the League of Legends World Championship is a tournament in the realm of professional gaming. Over the years, the championship has seen the participation of multiple regional teams, with the number of 8 to 24 participating teams in recent years.

Recent Winners and Their Prize Money

  • 2022: DRX ($2,225,000) defeated T1 with a score of 3-2 in the finals, and the Most Valuable Player (MVP) was Kingen.
  • 2021: Edward Gaming ($2,225,000) emerged victorious over DWG KIA with a scoreline of 3-2, and Scout was named MVP.
  • 2020: DAMWON Gaming ($2,225,000) Gaming beat Suning 3-1 in the championship, and Canyon took home the MVP award.

The next edition of the League of Legends World Championship is slated to take place from October 10 to November 19, 2023, at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul.

Tournament Structure

The League of Legends World Championship follows a multi-stage format. Initially, the participating teams undergo a round-robin group stage. Then, top teams proceed to a single-elimination knockout stage. Here are some key details:

Group Stage:

  • Format: Round-robin
  • Number of Groups: Varies (4 groups in 2016)
  • Advancement: The top 2 teams of each group proceed to the knockout stage.

Knockout Stage:

  • Format: Single-elimination
  • Matches: Best of 5
  • Finals: The two remaining teams face off in a finale to decide the champion.

Fortnite World Cup – FNCS Global Championship

The Fortnite World Cup, the FNCS Global Championship, is unparalleled in competitive gaming. Epic Games and BLAST have collaborated to bring this championship to life, hosting it at the Royal Arena in Copenhagen, Denmark. The tournament is part of the FNCS (Fortnite Champion Series).

Tournament Structure

The championship employs a novel format. The tournament consists of three main stages:

  • Upper Bracket (October 13th):
    • 50 duos who have qualified in previous events participate.
    • The competition features 5 matches with scores based on eliminations and placements.
    • The top 25 duos advance to the Finals, while the bottom 25 go to the Lower Bracket.
  • Lower Bracket (October 14th):
    • 25 duos in the Upper Bracket join 25 duos who have qualified through the Last Chance event.
    • Again, the tournament consists of 5 matches with a scoring system based on eliminations and placements.
    • The top 25 duos in this bracket also move to the Finals.
  • Grand Finals (October 15th):
    • 50 duos, 25 in the Upper Bracket and 25 in the Lower Bracket, participate.
    • The Grand Finals consist of 6 matches, with the scoring system remaining consistent—based on eliminations and placements.
    • The duo with the highest score is declared the new World Champion.

Last Year’s Winner

The 2022 FNCS Invitational winners were the duo from Poland—Setty and Kami Become Legends. They managed to clinch the top spot, taking home USD 200,000 of the USD 1,000,000 total prize money. The event was held at the Raleigh Convention Center in Raleigh, United States.

Date of the Next Tournament

The following season of this popular game’s championship series is going to kick off on October 13th and conclude on October 15th, 2023.

PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC)

The PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) is a pinnacle in the mobile competitive gaming landscape. Organized by KRAFTON, Level Infinite, and VSPN and sponsored by Xperia, Predator, and Prime Gaming, the event is a culmination of a season’s hard work. The championship is hosted in such locations as Indonesia’s Jakarta and Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur.

Tournament Structure

The PMGC 2022 had a multi-stage format:

  • Group Stage (November 10th – 27th, 2022):
    • 48 teams were divided into 3 groups of 16.
    • Each group played 24 matches over a week.
    • The top 3 teams proceeded to the Finals.
    • Teams finishing 4th to 11th moved on to the Survival Stage.
    • The bottom 5 teams in each group were eliminated.
  • Survival Stage (November 30th – December 2nd, 2022):
    • 24 teams participated, broken down into 3 groups of 8.
    • Each group played 18 matches over three days.
    • The top 16 teams moved on to the Last Chance stage.
  • Last Chance (December 3rd – 4th, 2022):
    • Composed of 16 teams.
    • Held over 12 matches.
    • The top 5 teams advanced to the Finals.
  • Grand Finals (January 6th – 8th):
    • 16 teams participated: 14 from the League Stage and 2 directly invited.
    • The finals were held over 18 matches.

For the upcoming event, it is announced that there will be 48 teams in the League and 3 directly invited teams to the Grand Finals. Further details are still awaited.

Prize Distribution

The championship boasts a hefty sum of USD 4,000,000, distributed across different stages and awards. The 2022 Finals alone had a prize of USD 1,500,000. Teams also earn through participation rewards and special recognitions: MVP, Gunslinger, and more.

Last Year’s Winner

The 2022 championship crowned S2G Esports as the victors, who took home USD 521,000. They were followed by DRS GAMING and Alpha7 Esports, securing $292,000 and $222,000 respectively. The next PMGC championship dates are November and December 2023. The host country is Turkey with 51 teams.

VALORANT Champions Tour

The VALORANT Champions Tour operates under a series of events organized by Riot Games. The tour is divided into Premier, Challengers, and International. The season kicks off with a two-week tournament for each international league. In Masters Madrid, the first global tournament in 2024 with eight teams competing to determine the best of the year.

The next VALORANT Champions Tour event scheduled for 2024, Masters Madrid, is yet to disclose its financial awards. However, the VALORANT Champions 2023 event had a fund of $2,250,000.

Previous Winners:

  • 2023: Evil Geniuses
  • 2022: LOUD
  • 2021: Acend.

Honor of Kings World Champion Cup

Level Infinite and VSPN organize the Honor of Kings International Championship. The championship involves a group stage and a knockout stage. In the group stage, 16 teams are divided into four groups, each playing in a Bo2 (Best of 2) format. The knockout stage is a single-elimination bracket where all matches are played in a Bo7 (Best of 7) format.

The tournament has a substantial fund of USD 10,000,000, with the first-place team taking home $3,500,000.

Previous Winners

Next Tournament Date: The tournament date is not yet announced.

FAQs about Leading eSport Competitions Across the Globe

How can players qualify for these competitions?

To gain entry into top-tier eSport contests, players often have to go through a series of qualification rounds: online qualifiers, regional competitions, or direct invitations based on past performance.

How can I watch these competitions?

You can catch the action of these high-stakes eSport contests through various platforms. Streaming services Twitch and YouTube often broadcast these events live.

What equipment do players use?

eSport athletes typically use high-end gear to ensure optimal performance. This often includes gaming-specific keyboards, mice with adjustable DPI settings, high-refresh-rate monitors, and specialized headsets.

Who are the main sponsors of eSport competitions?

A variety of businesses sponsor these high-profile eSport contests. It includes tech companies such as Intel and NVIDIA to lifestyle brands, for example, Red Bull and Nike.

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