Mother, 31, charged with fraud and identity theft after police found ‘165 credit cards and drivers’ licenses and 650 pieces of other people’s mail’ in her car during routine stop

A mother who allegedly tried to run from police during a traffic stop has been refused bail after police found more than 650 pieces of mail in the back of the car.

Carlotta Magno, 31, of Bidwill near Mt Druitt in Western Sydney, allegedly had 165 identification cards with her when she was charged – including drivers licenses and bank cards.

The young woman was denied bail on Sunday at Parramatta Court and is due to appear in Mt Druitt Court to face the charges on Thursday.

According to police the woman was pulled over at 11pm on Saturday, the car she was driving allegedly had stolen number plates and was unregistered.

Police say the woman tried to flee the scene before she was caught and arrested.
Ms Magno gave a false name to officers who stopped her, police said, and is disqualified from driving. There were three outstanding warrants for her arrest.

She was charged with driving while disqualified, unlawfully possessing number plates, driving an unregistered vehicle, and possessing identity documents with intent to commit an indictable offence.

She faces up to 10 years in prison under Commonwealth laws against fraud and identity theft.

She was also charged with three counts of having suspected stolen goods in or on premises and dealing with property proceeds of crime valued up to $100,000.

Police released images of the mail allegedly found in the woman’s car.

The haul of cards allegedly seized from the woman included Medicare cards, credit cards, gift cards, gym memberships, Opal transport cards, health care cards and bank cards.
A range of licences were also pictured by police including non-restricted licences and learner licenses.


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