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Motorola has had quite a few smartphone launches this year, but none of them really hit the premium segment of the market, at least not in any meaningful way. However, that is expected to change with the launch of a rumored flagship device; codename “Frontier” (it’s not clear yet if this is the final name).

Rumors have emerged of the Motorola “Frontier” throughout 2022 (and even as early as late 2021). The device is said to arrive with some impressive specs and even a world’s first. Of course, Motorola makes some great budget smartphones with fantastic value, but if the rumors are true, the Frontier could give Motorola a real edge among this year’s top Android phones.


(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

While most Motorola phones have sported nearly the same exact design language in 2022, leaks of the Frontier show that the device is deviating from the pack. On the front, the device looks similar to some of Motorola’s higher-end Edge smartphones, with a curved display and minimal bezels. However, the hole punch is now centered, which may look better to some depending on your aesthetic preferences.

(Image credit: @evleaks / Twitter)

On the back is where things get switched up. Renders show a rear panel that’s subtly patterned with a gray metallic finish. However, a live image shows that the phone might be available in a white colorway with a glossier finish. Motorola’s logo appears squarely in the middle of the phone’s rear panel.

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