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Moving From Fearful Parenting To Confident Parenting | #parenting | #sextrafficing | #childsaftey | #hacking | #aihp

Motherhood is hard. Anyone who claims differently has either never been a mother or is not being honest with themselves. This is because while motherhood is one of the most rewarding jobs women will ever have, the amount of pressure that women put on themselves to make everything perfect and to be able to do it all for everyone at all times is not sustainable. As such, women begin to forget how to be instinctual mothers. They let fear rule them instead. And it is not until mothers begin to see just how good of a job they are doing when they trust themselves that anxiety begins to melt away.

There is a shift from fearful parenting to confident parenting. A move that ensures that mothers will trust themselves and the decisions they make. Leaving self-doubt in the past and opening the door to confidence all in one.

Being a mother means there will be days when motherhood is difficult and women feel like they are failing and days when it feels like everything is on point and amazing. To have more of those days when women feel like they are getting everything right is the goal when transitioning from fearful parenting to confident parenting.

And it is when there is a realization that this is becoming a reality that mothers are on the right track to not only behaving like they are self-assured in their parenting choices, but are truly becoming sure of themselves in their role as matriarch of the family.

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Here is how to move from fearful parenting to confident parenting in motherhood.

Let Go Of Self-Doubt

If there is one thing that mothers can have is self-doubt. This can cause mothers to feel uncertain about everything that has to do with parenting. And when this happens, there is going to be anxiety and doubt over every decision that is made. Something that, according to Eugene Therapy, can eventually lead to mothers feeling like anything they do regarding motherhood is wrong.

Ways for mothers to let go of the self-doubt they harbor, per the publication include:

  • Being kind to themselves
  • Reflect on past achievements
  • Not comparing self to others
  • Keep negative thoughts at bay
  • Keep company with supportive people
  • Have faith in oneself
  • Do not be so harsh when judging self

If women can overcome these things, they may just be able to let self-doubt go. That will help them be the most amazing mothers they can be.

Trust Your Intuition

Trusting intuition is one of the most confident things that mothers can do. This is because when intuition is listened to, women are going against those who teach them that intuition is not something they should rely on because it can go completely against all “rational” thinking. But unlike instincts, there is a scientific fact that intuition is real, according to Parents. And because of this, it should never be ignored.

Intuition is a little voice that can tell mothers something is off or not quite right, per the publication. It may go against all analytical thinking. However, there are small “cues” that mothers are more susceptible to that can help them make decisions regarding their children and their safety. It is learned from living through experiences. And when those experiences begin to come full circle is when those instincts take effect and should not be shrugged off as fear alone.

This is why if something feels off or there is a gut feeling that something negative may happen, confident mothers will trust their intuition and make decisions based on those cues no matter what others think. And what they will find is that more often than not, they were correct in their thinking.

Be In The Moment To Let Fear Go

Fear in motherhood is not uncommon. Mothers can choose to either be swayed by their fear or acknowledge it and choose to be in the moment instead. It is when this happens that fear does not have any control over mothers any longer, and they become more confident in their parenting as a result.

According to Mindful, “fear is not a sign that the feared outcome is going to happen.” This is why when moms redirect their fearful thinking into being in the moment and present, they gain control over their lives. Control is what helps mothers to be confident in their choices as mothers. And it is through “positive self-talk,” per the publication, that confident parenting emerges.

Choose To Be Brave

Being brave does not mean that mothers do not have any fear in their lives. It simply means that mothers are willing to acknowledge the fear in their lives and move on from it. Something that takes mothers from a state of fearful parenting to that of confident parenting.

According to Iowa City Moms, the bravery that mothers have is unlike any other type of bravery that will be experienced. This is because the bravery that comes with motherhood starts with the physical act of childbirth. From there, “the list” that each mother has is a long list of actions that have made them brave. Something that varies for each mom. But what those lists all have in common is that bravery was used in some form to “advocate” for children and go through “struggles” that were not asked for.

It is when these actions are faced head-on that mothers show what they are made of. They do what they must for their children and in doing so, do not let fear run their lives. But choose to let bravery be their guide instead.

Source: Eugene Therapy, Mindful, Parents, Iowa City Moms

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