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In addition to the Firefox 91 ESR and Firefox 78.13 ESR for Windows, MacOS and Linux, Mozilla today released the standard version of Firefox 91 for Windows, MacOS and Linux. The update includes many new features, fixes and performance improvements and will be distributed automatically over the next few days. In the new version, Firefox now supports logging in to Microsoft, work and school accounts with Windows single sign-on. In addition, the function of simplifying the page when printing. This update also closes various security holes in older versions of Firefox. Details about the security holes covered with Firefox 91 can be found later Here. Users who have installed an older version of Firefox will receive an update automatically. You can download the update from here Help -> via Firefox -> Update to version 91.0 Can also be loaded manually. More information about this update can be found below or in Mozilla.

Download -> Download Firefox 91.0 for Windows, MacOS and Linux

Firefox version 91.0 for desktop is now available for download from Mozilla:

Download Firefox version 91.0 for Windows, MacOS and Linux:

Version 91.0 of Firefox includes the following new features and improvements:


  • Firefox now supports logging into Microsoft, work and school accounts using Windows Single Login.
  • Make the page easier when the print feature returns! When printing, under Settings> Format, select Simplified When there is a desire to get the page without confusion.
  • HTTPS-First Policy: Firefox Private Browsing Windows now attempts to secure all links to websites, and will only return to insecure links when websites do not support it.
  • We have added a new location: Scots (Sco).
  • The address bar now provides results for switching to the tab in private browsing windows as well.
  • Firefox now automatically enables high contrast mode when checking for “Increase Contrast” on MacOS.

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Frequently Asked Questions after updating Firefox

Mozilla Foundation developers make Firefox for Windows, MacOS and Linux available in multiple languages. Note that installing Firefox overwrites an existing version of Firefox. Your bookmarks or chronicle will not be lost. However, some extensions and other add-ons will no longer work until appropriate updates or updates are available.

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