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Mozzarella Light is hacking Spazio Volta | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

In Bergamo, Spazio Volta presents “Cassandra”, the solo exhibition by the artistic duo Mozzarella Light, composed of Giulia Ciappi and Marco Frassinelli, whom we discussed some time ago. In collaboration with lay0ut magazine, the exhibition conceived as a work in progress, “Cassandra,” revolves around the editorial theme of hacking that has animated the magazine’s research in the past year. Starting from last Sunday, the duo has been carrying out a progressive hacking operation through interventions that, through luminous installations, aim to rewrite the identity of architecture and engage in a dialogue with the geography of the place.

The operation put into practice by Mozzarella Light reconstructs the environment by progressively modifying it through the implementation of two distinct interventions. On Via della Boccola, they work on the volumetrics of the spaces. All achieved through mirrors and laser beams with a diameter not exceeding one centimeter, based on the research project Nitore. From Spazio Volta, Cassandra reveals itself as a site-specific intervention that attempts to breathe life into the architectural space and engage it with the external surroundings. Using light and water, the geometries of Spazio Volta are made to vibrate, aiming to achieve a new balance between material and immaterial.

While lay0ut magazine focuses on social promotion through poetry, contemporary prose, translations, and visual arts, Mozzarella Light emphasizes disorientation and apparent anti-artistry starting from the chosen name for the duo. The semantic ambiguity also refers to light, a key element in the expressive language of Giulia Ciappi and Marco Frassinelli.

Once the hacking operation is complete, the exhibition will inaugurate on July 2nd in its compromised form, specifically designed for Spazio Volta. It will be accessible until September 10th. It is worth noting that, given the luminous nature of Mozzarella Light’s installations, it is best to visit the exhibition from 9 p.m. onwards.

For more information about the exhibition, here is Spazio Volta’s Instagram profile.


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