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Today’s MSSP Alert Market News:

1. MDR Security Partnership: Sophos has formed a strategic partnership with Tenable, an exposure management company, to provide Sophos Managed Risk, a vulnerability and attack surface management service. The new service features a dedicated Sophos team that applies Tenable’s exposure management technology and collaborates with the security operations experts from Sophos Managed Detection and Response (MDR) to provide attack surface visibility, continuous risk monitoring, vulnerability prioritization, investigation and proactive notification designed to prevent cyberattacks, the company said.

2. Threat Intelligence Collaboration: CYREBRO, an MDR solution provider, is partnering with Google Cloud to design a precision-guided security data lake and detection engine to provide clients quality threat insights and fast response capabilities. By harnessing Google Cloud’s big data and machine learning capabilities, CYREBRO significantly decreases mean time to detect, reducing false-negative and false-positive rates, the company said.

3. LockBit Threat Research: Trend Micro has released new threat intelligence findings in the wake of the law enforcement-led disruption of the LockBit ransomware group. The operation, known as Operation Cronos, marks a significant step forward in the global fight against cyber threats, impacting an entity responsible for an estimated quarter of all ransomware attacks worldwide, Trend Micro said.

4. Software Security Partnership: Endor Labs, a specialist in software supply chain security, has formed a strategic partnership with GuidePoint Security, a cybersecurity services and solutions provider. The partnership aims to eliminate frustrations and risks in the software development lifecycle by combining Endor Labs’ advanced Software Composition Analysis platform with GuidePoint’s network of security experts leading its consulting and services offerings, the companies said.

5. Leadership Move, Industry Recognition: The Infinigate Group, a technology platform and cybersecurity and cloud advisory specialist, has named Marcus Meloni as CEO Europe. The company also announced that it has been named EMEA Distributor of the Year by Rapid7, an extended risk and threat detection company. The award recognizes Infinigate’s exceptional growth in the past year, which is the result of consistent collaboration to deliver market-leading security solutions and support, the company said.

6. Security Platform Release: Lacework, a cloud security specialist, has released of a series of new platform capabilities that save time for security stakeholders, ranging from chief information security officers to frontline security analysts. The platform additions, which include Lacework Explorer (a new security graph and resource explorer), new dashboards and investments in Lacework composite alerts, give more time back to security teams as they take on cyberattackers, the company said.

7. Cyber Tools Integration: OP[4], a specialist in automated firmware security, has expanded its product security platform to include six fundamental cybersecurity tools into one unified platform. These new capabilities are now available through a private beta program that allows users to test the flagship vulnerability management tool for free using their own device firmware, the company said.

8. Cybersecurity for Schools Offer: Action1 Corporation, a provider of the integrated vulnerability discovery and patch management automation solutions, has introduced the School Defense program, aimed at improving cybersecurity at small U.S. educational institutions. The program will offer free access to the Action1 services and other resources to help IT teams at public schools and community colleges streamline vulnerability remediation and enhance their skills, the company said.

9. Identity Security Release: Zilla Security, an identity security solutions provider, has launched Zilla PO Box, a next-generation security solution that extends the power of identity governance to hybrid and on-premises systems. Zilla PO Box is deployed as a container and extends into customer environments to support on-premises databases, directories, legacy applications and more, the company said.

10. Malware Alert: A relatively new malware called Latrodectus is believed to be an evolution of the IcedID loader, seen in malicious email campaigns since November 2023. The malware was spotted by researchers at Proofpoint and Team Cymru, who worked together to document its capabilities. IcedID is a malware family first identified in 2017 that was originally classified as a modular banking trojan designed to steal financial information from infected computers. (Source: Bleeping Computer)


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