Why is there so much cyber ‘hacking’ going on right now? Computer Digital Forensics Expert says ‘look closer’.

Upon reading the attributed link labelled, “The evolution of hacking” – written by “The Guardian” and listed at the end of this article, Simon Smith, a real practicing certified expert White Hat Ethical Hacker and successful Senior forensic Private Investigator, Court Expert Witness, and Master Programmer wanted to set the media straight on some home truths. In an interview today, this is what Mr. Smith had to say.

“As a Computer Forensics Expert Private Investigator and Master Programmer, Ethical White Hat Hacker and successful Senior Analyst Programmer, reverse engineer, Expert Witness and trainer in this discipline I cannot disagree any more with this article and the general consensus the world seems to love to blame their negligence and lack of knowledge on ‘hackers’.”

“Firstly a hacker’s greatest strength is the weakness of the humans of the target organisation. The weakness to any information system is the human. Taking all technology out of the picture, basic psychology, mind manipulating and strategic planning in dealing with humans in the target organisation is gold.”

“The next biggest strength to a hacker is the weakness and inability of the organisation to hire competent staff to run and test internal and external penetration and security testing. Such a job would save billions of dollars in the class action lawsuits these companies who try to blame “state sponsored actors” or “hackers” as a mechanism to hide their own liability, negligence and stupidity.”

“The hacker to this point has done nothing. I would say we are at 80% of the job at this point. Look at the human psychology of the recent Virgin airline that was stopped by the entire airport staff, extremely smart pilots, and fooled that the plane was carrying a Galaxy Note 7 causing major havoc. The human here is the cyber issue. It was merely a person who changed the name of their WiFi hotspot to ‘Samsung Galaxy Note 7’.”

“We are our worst enemy. If we don’t even know that, yet we are supposed to be smart enough to elect presidents and prime ministers that can push a button to send a nuclear bomb, and we are also supposed to be smart enough to vote on a jury as to someone lives, dies or goes to jail for the rest of their life then we are the hackers.”

“We are entering a stage where we believe augmented reality is fun yet we stop people from playing games with ratings, but are happy to send them info a paedophile’s back yard to catch a pokemon.”

“From an expert who deals with real cyberbullying, cybercrime and has busted scams well over 6 million dollars that the police couldn’t achieve in half a decade in as little as two days, I say to the world be warned as it’s our sheer lack of awareness and focus that gives rise to these attacks and the Company’s releasing all sensitive information are not only liable but negligent and accountable.”

“We have opened the doors to trickery from these Company’s. I however can see right through their games. If a case comes past me be prepared!”

“This demonstrates that the world leaders must listen very carefully. We are seeing too many cyber crimes and so-called hacking events. If they were legitimate why does it take companies like Yahoo to wait 2 years to tell their customers, ‘by the way- our systems were not good enough and we gave out 500 million of your records, then another billion but only tell you now when it becomes public that the database is being sold on the dark web’.”

“Wake up! It is not DDoS, hackers, state sponsored attacks. It is excuses because the company’s did not have sufficient resources to protect the integrity of the data and for that they should be sued via class action and the so-called hackers should actually be congratulated for showing the world how little these Company’s care about our privacy and how great the length they are prepared to go to withhold serious suable and negligent information from their customers who entrust them with their personal details.”

“This is Cybergeddon, World War 3 and the Company’s and lack of education of the citizens is what will destroy what we just cannot accept or perceive to be reality because we don’t want to admit we are wrong. We have it wrong. The public need education and Company’s who commit such breaches should be shown the full extent of the law and sued in the biggest class actions the world has ever seen.”

“For this to happen the world needs to understand the root cause of what the media and public deem a ‘hacking’ incident. By definition they need to rethink this because they are technically wrong and will be responsible for their own cyber terrorism if they cannot accept this simple fact”, said Mr. Smith who is very well known and passionate about his work and deals with cyber attacks every day.


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