Mum shares ‘genius’ hack to get kids to give you a free back massage while they play | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

A mum has shared her ‘self-care’ hack, claiming that you’ll never need another one again as a parent after hearing what she has to say – and all you’ll need is a cheap t-shirt and a marker pen

Self Care Hack For A Free Massage

Sometimes, looking after kids can be seriously tiring, and as a parent, you may be looking for new and innovative ways to keep your children busy so you can have a bit of time to unwind.

One savvy mum has gone above and beyond, however, and has decided to combine her kid’s playtime, with her relax and unwind time. We hear you ask “how?” Well, with a Primark t-shirt, a marker pen, and her child’s favourite car toys, that’s how.

Mum and self-confessed ‘snack queen’ Neha Gandesha posted the handy video to Instagram to show parents how they could get a massage.

She showed people how to create the T-shirt (Neha Gandesha/Instagram)
Neha also showed the T-shirt in action(Neha Gandesha/Instagram)

She jokingly captioned the video: “Need a massage? Look no further!

“Draw some roads on an old T-shirt and let the kids use your back as the M25…it feels amazing! Self-care babes… maybe take a snooze too. Try it!” She wrote that she should’ve “probably ironed the t-shirt”, but she couldn’t be bothered – and it doesn’t matter when you’re in the comfort of your own home enjoying a massage.

In the video, she demonstrated how to draw the roads on a plain white tee with a marker and a ruler, saying it’s the “only self-care hack you will ever need.”

She said: “Get your kid to use your back as a road – this is hours of fun, keeps them entertained, and you get the best massage you will ever get.”


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