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Mum shares quick hack to make homemade eco-friendly baby wipes with just three ingredients | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

MANY people are looking for more sustainable ways to look after youngsters – one mum has the perfect tip for eco-friendly baby wipes.

TikTok user Sam shared her method to make homemade wipes that you can use on the go. 


She uses paper towels for the wipesCredit: Tik Tok
Sam makes a mixture with just a few ingredients


Sam makes a mixture with just a few ingredientsCredit: Tik Tok

She told viewers: “These are super easy, super cheap – way cheaper than buying them.”

Sam does this by just using regular paper towels. 

The mum continued: “I found using the double-length paper towels works best and I just cut them in half with a bread knife.

“That way, I get double the amount and I use a 2.5 litre container and it fits absolutely perfect in there.

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She advised that you could use a whole paper towel for the same effect – in a larger container.

“If you’re making the half amount, you’re going to use two cups of water and then a teaspoon of unscented Castile soap.

“Next, you need a tablespoon of oil, I’m using fractionated coconut oil but you can use almond oil if your babies are okay with it, olive oil or jojoba oil,” she added. 

Her next step is optional, but she likes to add a drop of lavender essential oil in the mix.

Sam takes her paper towels and squeezes it down into the container before removing the cardboard roll inside.

The mum then pushes it down further before popping the lid on the top and soaking for around 10-15 minutes.

She told viewers: “I like to put it upside-down so it really drains through and that’s baby wipes.

“What you do, is put your fingers on the inside, and there you go, baby wipes!”

Sam pulled sheets off the roll of paper out of the tub and it looks as though they’ll do the job perfectly. 

For an extra tip, she puts a smaller amount of the homemade wipes into a smaller Tupperware if she goes out.

This then goes in a nappy bag for wipes on the go. 

While some people in the comments called her a “cheapskate” many others were praising the hack. 

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One person wrote: “People don’t get that regular wipes has a lot of bad ingredients in them, these don’t. great tip momma.”

Another echoed: “Much better for the environment and are flushable too!”

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Someone else shared: “It’s not just cheap but also biodegradable unlike most baby wipes.”

“I did this for YEARS and it was amazing. I used baby shampoo and baby oil. highly recommend!!” a viewer wrote.

It's just a simple as that


It’s just a simple as thatCredit: Tik Tok

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