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Musik Hack Master Plan: What is it?

Mastering can be a complicated business, especially for anyone working within the confines of their home studio, so having all of your mastering tools available in a single plugin has to be enticing? Music Hack’s latest plugin hopes to provide just that. Its stated aim is to reside on the backend of your DAW’s output, soaking up a number of mastering processes in a single instance. All the mastering components are presented in a simple format, which could change the way that you approach mastering in the DAW.

Musik Hack encourages you to remove any additional plugins from the master bus, before activating Master Plan. Once you load the plugin, it is pretty easy to see why that is; in spite of its relatively small and petite working area, there is a surprisingly large amount of content to call upon, to make radical improvements to your track.

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Musik Hack Master Plan: Performance and verdict


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