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mxHERO Announces Mail2Cloud for Life Sciences | #emailsecurity | #phishing | #ransomware | #hacking | #aihp

mxHERO launches a new offering to provide enhanced sustainability, email security, and content capture automation capabilities for life sciences organizations

We believe we have a more intelligent, more sustainable, and more secure future of work orientation for our valuable life sciences customers”

— Donald R. Hammons, EVP and Chief Customer Officer, mxHERO

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, August 30, 2022 / — Today, mxHERO, Incorporated, creator of the Mail2Cloud digital bridge, announced its newest offering to provide enhanced sustainability, email security, and content capture automation capabilities for life sciences organizations. Under the offering, mxHERO will offer free trials of mxHERO Mail2Cloud to support proof of value pilots for up to 30 days for life sciences and biotechnology firms whose aims include enhanced email security, email sustainability CO2 takeouts (via elimination of email attachments), and improved email-centric content type automation for auto-ingestion into the firm’s targeted enterprise-wide content management platforms.

The new offering will support mxHERO Mail2Cloud deployments for life sciences-focused firms seeking to improve digital hygiene. The service provides auto-capture of at-rest enterprise email and inbound capture automation, ensuring safe ‘preview’ of inbound email attachments. Additionally, the service offers inbound capture automation by content types. This automation allows for clinical trial, study site, and cohort-centric communications to be auto-captured for routing into content platforms while providing for outbound email security and the protection of personally identifiable information (PII) and other HIPAA-compliant outcome aims when sharing digital content through email.

“The legacy use of email as file sharing and collaboration modality is outdated. The 1970s email technology, while ubiquitous, is ill-equipped to handle the digital content interactions our life sciences customers demand, considering modern needs around compliance, remote collaboration, content accessibility, and enterprise information security. With mxHERO, our customers will benefit from a more future of work-aligned orientation while extending the benefits of their investments in content management platforms to be inclusive of email-based content. We believe this is a huge win for our valuable life sciences customers!” said Alexis Panagides, CEO and Co-Founder of mxHERO.

With mxHERO, clients can intelligently harvest email-based content from their on-premise on-network legacy appliance infrastructure (e.g., Microsoft Exchange) for improved digital hygiene. Mail2Cloud allows for centralized controls supporting org-wide, business unit-centric, and even bespoke end-user level or project-specific routing rules for managing and securing inbound and outgoing email for life sciences firms. Inbound capture automation allows for safe preview of inbound digital content payloads ensuring files are ‘safe’ before blinded openings or downloads. mxHERO Mail2Cloud also allows for intelligent capture automation. Study site-centric communications, cohort interactions during clinical trials, and drug-targeted intellectual property tied to clinical trials are protected and automatically captured for routing into the firm’s preferred content management platforms. mxHERO Mail2Cloud also allows these firms to secure sensitive content shared through emails even after sending. With Mail2Cloud, life sciences firm users can ensure complete control of digital assets when communicating via email with view-only content share settings. The service supports variant rules for internal and external recipients, auto-expiration, and even password protections invoked based on PII detections or other content type rules which may apply to specific content.

“As we saw during the pandemic, there is a human-centric and impactful outcome component to the innovation and work our valuable biotechnology and life sciences firms undertake to ensure we have the most novel innovations for vaccines, disease prevention, and therapeutic outcomes for patients. We also saw just how vital of a role technology plays when targeting such results. Information security, adherence to HIPAA, GxP, compliance aims, and improved collaboration potential for researchers and principal investigators are all goals we share when undertaking this valuable work. With mxHERO, we believe we have a more intelligent, more sustainable, and more secure future of work orientation for our valuable life sciences customers by giving them a more forward-thinking capability regarding how they manage their at-rest, inbound, or outbound email content interactions. When we can achieve such goals without requiring software, without significant end-user disruption or change management, and with a solution that is deployable in hours – not days or weeks, that’s a win. We’re excited about this new release in support of our customer success initiatives at mxHERO.” Donald R. Hammons, mxHERO’s Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer.

The new offering will be generally available (GA) as of Q4 CY2022 and is available directly from mxHERO in the Americas and via distributor and reseller partners in Europe and Asia-Pac Japan. “Allowing our life sciences customers to pilot the full capabilities of mxHERO Mail2Cloud under this offering will ensure successful security, sustainability, and content capture aims. It will ensure that upon full rollout of mxHERO Mail2Cloud, all customer success-aligned outcomes are adhered to and fully met. We’re excited to make this investment in support of our partners and customers,” said Alexis Panagides.

About mxHERO

mxHERO is a San Francisco, California-based firm with global go-to-market operations in Europe, Israel, N. America, and Asia-Pac. mxHERO is a three-time winner of the Astors Platinum Award (2019, 2020, and 2021) for Best U.S. Homeland Email Security Application and a former Box Elite Partner of the Year. The company’s flagship offering, Mail2Cloud, is a cloud service or digital bridge that automates the capture and intelligent routing of email and email attachments to targeted cloud content management platforms. mxHERO compliments existing security and cloud solutions by intelligently capturing all emails or email attachments (both inbound and outbound traffic (or from at-rest systems) from any device type, operating system, or platform) with no end-user intervention or workflow disruption. Applications developed for mxHERO’s Mail2Cloud platform work with any email management program, including Gmail, Office365, and Microsoft Exchange/Outlook. The system integrates natively with leading upper quadrant cloud content management platforms, including Google Workspace (Drive), Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft Sharepoint, Egnyte, Dropbox Business, and the Box Content Cloud. More than 13,000 companies and over 1,000,000 users have enhanced their email management and security capabilities with mxHERO’s solutions. Website:

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