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My $1 garden hack will keep bugs away from your patio, deck, and flower beds | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

A WOMAN has revealed her $1 garden bug-busting hack that she promises will keep nasty critters away from your patio, deck, and flower decks.

It’s so incredibly simple householders will wish they had known about it sooner.

TikTok user The Renegade Home has revealed her hack for getting rid of garden bugsCredit: TikTok/therenegadehome
She said to spray around patios, flower beds, and deck areasCredit: TikTok/therenegadehome

“Spring home hacks that actually work,” said Molly (@therenegradehome).

Her platform is dedicated to home and garden hacks and she has built up a loyal audience of over 402,000 and another 4.5million likes.

In this post, she revealed her bug-buster tip. “Four spring home hacks you’ll wish you knew sooner,” she said.

First, she advised getting hold of some Irish Spring bar soap. “Use an old cheese grater to grate up green soap, then spread it around your deck, patio, and your flower bed,” she advised.

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“This will keep the bugs away,” she predicted.

Her next tip involved outside water supplies. “Replace your old hose spigots,” she said.

“We swapped both of our spigots last spring with this aquor wall hydrant,” she wrote. She said hers came from Amazon.

“Best decision ever,” she said. “This piece acts as a key draining the entire pipe once it’s unplugged.

“I never have to go to the basement again to turn the water on and off.”

Next, she tackled the dry patches under the children’s swings. She had another easy solution.

“Grab a few cheap rubber mats to throw under there,” she said.

Finally, she found a way of using old kitchen sponges that would benefit potted plants.

“Cut [them] up and place them in the bottom of your planters. This will prevent root rot and keep your soil moist longer.”

There was a lot of interest in her post with over 33,000 likes.

Commenters were keen to give her hacks a go.

“I’m gonna try this weekend,” said one.

“All great tips,” said another in conclusion to her post.

She said her Irish Spring soap hack ‘will keep the bugs away’ this summerCredit: TikTok/therenegadehome


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