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My $34 item keeps your child’s car seat cool while parked in summer heat with no more burning buckle | #childsafety | #kids | #chldern | #parents | #schoolsafey

A CLEVER mom has revealed her simple hack for keeping her child’s car seat cool and comfortable in the sweltering heat.

With the dog days of summer in full swing, parents are trying to find ways to keep their kids safe while they’re out and about.

Amber Johnson, a mom of two, showed how she uses a nifty cooler to keep her kids cool in the summerCredit: TikTok / everydayourway
She took a cooler out of her freezer and showed how each slot easily fits a frozen ice packCredit: TikTok / everydayourway
In the video, she showed how to use the cooler in the car seat to prevent buckle burns and sweaty backsCredit: TikTok / everydayourway

Taking to her TikTok page, Amber Johnson (@everydayourway) posted a video showing what she does with her little ones.

She began the clip in her kitchen by opening the freezer drawer of her refrigerator and pulling out a Little Bum Cooler, which retails for just $34.

“It’s heating up outside so let me show you how we keep our car seats cool on those hot days,” Amber said in a voiceover.

The cooler featured five pocket slots that can fit removable ice packs. She pulled the top one out to demonstrate how they fit.

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“Before you head out for errands or activities, grab your Little Bum Cooler with frozen ice packs.

The video then cut to her opening the car door.

One of her kids was buckled into the rear-facing car seat.

“After you’ve removed your child from their seat, place the cooler on the car seat while you’re out and about.

Amber then unbuckled her baby and took her out of the car.

“This should only be used in the seat when your child is not sitting in it,” she emphasized.

She then placed the cooler in the car seat while holding the tiny tot.

The clip zoomed in on the seat to show how it covered the entire length of the inside of the seat.

“When you come back to the hot car, take the cooler off the seat and place your child on a cool seat.

“No more burning buckles, sweaty backs, or overheated kids,” she concluded.

The mom ended the video by taking the cooler off the car seat and stowing it on the floor of the car before strapping her kid back into the seat.

She captioned the video: “Is it already hot where you live? Buckling babies and kids into hot car seats is the worst.

“The buckles burn and the poor things are dripping in sweat in the back seat of a hot car. @littleBUMCOOLERS is an insulated cooler designed with pockets to fit removable ice packs to keep your carseat cool.

“There are several designs available and the best part is that the cooler fits all seats: infant, convertible, and boosters.”

She added several hashtags as well, including #momhacks, #momtips, and #summervibes.

Parents praised the clip, which has garnered more than 125,000 views and over 4,100 likes, and took to the comments to share their thoughts.

“The fact that we even have to say ‘use when the child is NOT sitting in it’ is ridiculous b/c some people will really do the opposite,” one mom wrote, punctuating the comment with three laughing crying emojis.

Amber responded: “Haha they 100% will do the opposite,” and added laughing, side eye, and face palm emojis.

Another joked: “I need one for the drivers seat.”

Again, Amber replied jokingly: “I do steal it for my seat sometimes.”

One commented: “Wish I had this when mine was little. I used to feel so bad for them with that sweaty back! The AC never made it around to the front of [their] seats.”

And another raved: “This is amazing. I love this level of extra care for precious kiddos.”

Amber isn’t alone in trying to find clever ways to keep cool as the thermostat skyrockets.

Drivers discovered one nifty device that cools the inside of your car using the power of the sun.

Another content creator demonstrated his window vacuum hack that instantly cools a car’s interior.

Amber specified that the cooler should only be used when your child isn’t sitting in the car seatCredit: TikTok / everydayourway
Fellow moms praised the video, with several wishing the clever item was available when their children were still in car seatsCredit: TikTok / everydayourway


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