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We are all on the quest for smoother, more radiant skin and I have the easiest beauty hack ever for getting that glow in no time at all.

Being a beauty editor, I have gone the retinol route, tried and abandoned many a light peeling lotion, exfoliating, glycolic and everything else.

Now, with the simplest and cheapest option, I have discovered I need none of the above because I started a new ritual (i.e. I do this every day) and my skin is super soft and even through foundation it has a lot of radiance. Here’s what I do.

Easy Beauty Hack

Laura’s easy beauty hack Pic: Supplied

Some months back I noticed my skin looked a bit dull and flat. After a summer of wearing very little makeup, it was back to normal when the weather for a little cooler.

Between meetings, launches and travelling to and fro around the city I also thought my face felt extra dirty, so when I got home in the evening I started doing a double cleanse. For this, I use a duo of cleansing balm followed by Micellar Water to make sure my skin feels totally cleansed.

Simple Routine

Great cleansing balms Pic: Supplied
Great cleansing balms Pic: Supplied

I’ve spoken of my love for the Ella + Jo Melt The Day balm often enough, and I’m also very fond of the Glow Recipe, Ground Wellbeing and Eve Lom balms, so choose your own favourite here.

But, I soon realised that what I was doing was essentially an exfoliation without realising it. Not a week after I started cleansing this way I noticed the glow emerging and my skin was as soft as anything. And it’s because of this €6.50 buy that is a beauty hack anyone can try.

Budget Buy

Pic: Laura Bermingham
Pic: Laura Bermingham

Using a cleansing balm to take off your makeup feels wonderful like you are melting away the dirt and grime. It softens and dissolves mascara that has hardened and dried on your lashes like no other cleanser and I’m a convert.

To remove it, you use a reusable pad made from cotton, bamboo, or something recycled. I started with the Garnier three-pack of pads because when one is going through the laundry you have another at hand.


Garnier's Reusable Make-up Remover Eco Pads 3 Micro Fibre Pads, €6.50 (on sale) Pic: Supplied
Garnier’s Reusable Make-up Remover Eco Pads 3 Micro Fibre Pads, €6.50 (on sale) Pic: Supplied

The pad is dampened down with warm water and it literally slides the balm and makeup from your face, but it’s the fabric that gives the skin a natural exfoliation without any real effort on your part.

Garnier’s three-pack of pads usually costs around €12 but it’s on sale for just €6.50. Honestly, as regimes get more and more complicated and time-wasting, this is the easiest beauty hack to get glowing skin when you just need your ritual to be done in a flash.

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