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My bikini hack offers extra support for your boobs in halter tops | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

SWIMWEAR pros have shared their simple bikini hack to gain some extra support for the chest.

They explained that you can easily construct extra loops in bikini tops for a more functional garment.

A fashion influencer shared her simple bikini hackCredit: TikTok/gonebananasbeachwear

The woman in the video (@gonebananasbeachwear) shared the advice with over 30,000 TikTok followers.

She sported a red halter bikini top, tied around the neck as per usual.

She, however, wasn’t satisfied with the amount of support the bra provided.

“Still tie your bikinis like this?” she asked.

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“Bikini hack — how to tie bikini tops for more support!” she said.

Instead, the brunette laid her top on a table to demonstrate a more secure way to tie the top.

With the top flat against the table, first, she took the string from one side of the halter top.

Making a loop with the string, she did the same to the other side.

She took the end of the string on the left side and inserted it into the loop she made on the right side.

She did the same to the loop on the left and firmly secured the top by tying the ends of the string around her neck.

For women with larger chests, the hack helps against slippage and makes sure the top doesn’t move around.

She demonstrated the hack on herself for a more secure and well-fitted top.

She tied loops and connected them with the bikini stringsCredit: TikTok/gonebananasbeachwear
She demonstrated the hack on herself for a more secure fitCredit: TikTok/gonebananasbeachwear


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