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A CLEANING guru has shared a cheap laundry hack that will make your house smell terrific.

You don’t have to wash a thing to achieve a sweet-smelling home.

A woman has shared the cheap laundry hack that makes your house smell amazingCredit: TIKTOK/@jessicamay_home
You don’t have to wash anythingCredit: TIKTOK/@jessicamay_home

Jess (@jessicamay_home) recorded a TikTok video sharing easy ways to make your home smell good before guests come over.

Among those tips was getting some tumble dryer sheets and putting them in your cushions.

“It takes two seconds to do and the room will smell amazing,” she said.

Previously, another cleaning fanatic shared her easy two-ingredient recipe that will make your house smell good all day and also serves as a sanitizer.

“I bet you didn’t know,” the voiceover in cleaning guru Cary’s (@pairswellwithwhine) TikTok video said.

She got to work showing viewers exactly how to make her fantastic-smelling spray.

She poured alcohol into a clear bottle. She followed that up by pouring Downy April Fresh Fabric Conditioner and hot water into the mixture.

Cary then covered the bottle with a spray nozzle and shook it to get all the ingredients mixed.

“Spray all over your house. Your house will smell like Downy all day,” she said.

Over in the comments section of the clip, some people shared their own methods for making their homes smell divine.

“I make room sprays with essential oils, distilled water, and witch hazel. The witch hazel helps the water and oils blend together,” oner person said.

Others confirmed that Cary’s spray smelled great.

“Just did it and my house smells amazing!” one person exclaimed.

Another pleased life hacker said: “I just did it. Never heard about it before.


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