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Somewhere at the end of last year, I got a head start into my Cybersecurity journey. After completing a Cybersecurity course with Ingressive4Good. I was completely lost.
As a complete beginner who has the zeal to break into the cybersecurity ecosystem found myself wandering and wanting.
In my wonderous wandering, I stumbled upon this roadmap shared by Sir TheCyberChef, , a senior fellow in the cybersecurity domain on his X account. So I resolved to follow the roadmap. Below is the roadmap;

A beginner’s roadmap into Cybersecurity

Following the roadmap, I started my learning on Networking Basics on Cisco’s platform, Netacad. And also my Python lessons with Sir Eric Mathes’s book, Python Crash Course. Below are some of my handwritten notes during my lessons on Networking basics;

My horrible handwritten notes…🙈

Along the line of learning, I faced a lot of challenges of which thankfully to Allah, I’m able to bounce back. I shall continue from where I stopped with my studies and learnings from now onwards…InshAllah.

Again, about creating a portfolio, I will gladly thank Sir Wealthy Primate for stressing the need for a portfolio in this tech ecosystem. A link to that blog post, .

I pray to keep up updating and repurposing this my portfolio as I journey on with my learning.

Wallahu ‘aelam…!!!


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