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My DIY fly repellent hack gets rid of insect farms in hard-to-reach areas | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

A POPULAR influencer has shared her simple secret to keeping the bugs at bay in your garden with one simple ingredient.

Playing outside on long summer days has only one major drawback insects.

Influencer Bugsy and Company shares her hack for DIY fly repellant with just one ingredient – pine oilCredit: TIKTOK/@bugsyandcompany
She shows fans how to apply the Pine-Sol mixture around a garden with a large sprayer in a recent TikTok videoCredit: TIKTOK/@bugsyandcompany

“I don’t know if we just have a fly farm down the street, but the flies here are crazy,” influencer Bugsy and Company (@bugsyandcompany) complained recently on TikTok.

But she has a simple and affordable solution for other outdoorsy types who also hate flies: Pine-Sol.

She showed fans how to turn the popular household cleaner into a killer bug spray that actually smells good in a video posted on Saturday.

She started off the tutorial by emphasizing one important detail about her garden hack.

“It’s the kind with pine oil in it, that’s the ingredient that the flies don’t like,” she said.

She then dove into how to fly-proof your outdoor area, step-by-step.

Mix half of the bottle of Pine-Sol, about 1.5 liters, with 1 gallon of water inside a large spray bottle, she said.

“We’re locked and loaded,” she joked at this point of the process.

Then just spray down whatever area you would like to keep bug-free, she said. That’s it!

“If your animals can’t get to it, this is a great place to spray,” she added for pet owners.

And she offered another bonus tip for those that love the pine scent.

“I like to take a scent diffuser and pour a little bit of your Pine-Sol in there,” she said with a smile at the end of the clip.

With over 60,000 followers on TikTok alone, Bugsy and Company’s fans quickly commented on her hack.

“It definitely helps! I do this around my horses/barn, also on my patio and porch to keep them out of my house,” one user agreed.

“I find it works better when you don’t dilute it,” another TikToker offered.

But not everyone found the influencer’s advice helpful.

“I did this and didn’t work, them suckers are still around,” one follower wrote.


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