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Warning: contains spoilers for My Hero Academia chapter 318!

An assassin named “Dictator” that All For One sent to collect Deku just forced a group of civilians to attack the young hero in the latest issue of My Hero Academia. Dictator is the latest of three known assassins who have engaged Deku as part of All For One’s effort to acquire the One For All quirk.

Deku hit the streets (and rooftops) to keep his classmates and teachers out of harm’s way after he learned that he was squarely in All For One’s sights. Although his main drive was preventing any harm coming to his friends and allies, Deku had another reason for going on the run – he wanted to bait All For One into a fight. All For One recently took over Tomura Shigaraki’s body in an effort to harness his apprentice’s hidden powers, which he attempted to awaken through experimentation. But because Shigaraki never completed his transformation, All For One has been forced to rest until his host’s body has finally awoken. Engaging Deku in battle would undoubtedly prevent him from attaining this new power, so instead of falling for the young hero’s trap, All For One is sending others to do his dirty work.

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The first assassin Deku faced was Lady Nagant. Nagant loathed Hero Society, but the kind-hearted Deku was able to make her see past her vendetta, and it seemed as if she might be willing to turn on All For One. Sadly, the villain triggered a Self-Detonation quirk inside of her after it became clear that Deku had successfully swayed her heart. Deku then engaged an undisclosed assassin, who he defeated before All Might (or the reader, for that matter) got the chance to learn their identity. Sadly, Dictator doesn’t seem like they’ll be anything like the same level of pushover, sending a wave of innocents against Deku.

My-Hero-Academia-dictator (1)

Dictator’s Despot quirk allows him to force his victims to obey his every command. Though this power has yet to be explained in full, the villain seems to generate multiple wire-like substances from his coat that, after coming into contact with his victims, puts them under Dictator’s control. It’s unclear whether he can only control humans or any living organisms at this time.

Deku is quite knowledgeable about his latest opponent, as made apparent by his internal monologue in chapter 318 of My Hero Academia. According to the young hero, Dictator was first captured by one of the top 10 heroes, Crust, around five years ago during the so-called Bloodless Surrender Incident, and people under his control can be freed if they receive a large shock or if Deku somehow manages to knock Dictator out himself. The latter option might not be as impossible as it first seemed, as the issue ends with fellow student Bakugo Katsuki appearing out of nowhere and hitting Dictator from above with his AP Shot technique.

Bakugo’s sudden appearance couldn’t have come at a better time. Deku has been pushing himself to the brink of exhaustion so as not to give All For One enough time to harness Shigaraki’s awakened power. Although he capably defeated two assassins before Dictator, it’s clear that he’s reaching his limit, especially as he hasn’t eaten for quite some time. It’s obvious that All For One is trying to get under Deku’s skin. After detonating the bomb inside of Lady Nagant, All For One lured Deku to a remote area where he goaded the young hero in a recording, pushing him to lose control and risk exhaustion. All For One clearly knows how to manipulate Deku into pushing himself to dangerous limits, with civilians already noticing the young hero’s dark transformation, and now Dictator’s thralls pose the fresh problem of defeating opponents who are truly innocent. As My Hero Academia continues, it’s essential that Deku find a solution without harming anyone who doens’t deserve it, especially since Stain is still waiting in the wings, sworn to punish anyone who fails to live up to his exacting standards of heroism.

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