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My iCloud Was Hacked And Content Deleted When I Learned I Was Having Hunter Biden’s Child | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

Ex-stripper Lunden Roberts said during an interview last week that the night she learned that she was pregnant with Hunter Biden’s child that her cellphones crashed and her iCloud was hacked and a lot of the content she had backed up was deleted.

Roberts made the explosive claims during an interview with Megyn Kelly as President Joe Biden’s son is in the middle of one of the criminal trials that he faces over weapons charges.

“I had two cell phones, which is also, I still do to this day,” she said. “I had two cell phones at the time because my Arkansas phone had a cellular data that didn’t pick up at the place that I was living in D.C. So I got a different, I got Sprint and AT&T to even out the data and everyone could reach me. But that night, they both, at the same time, crashed and in front of me and my friends.”

She said that the phones had black, green, and purplish lines fluttering on the screens as they crashed, saying that it was a complete meltdown and that she had to replace her phones the next day.

“So the next day, you go and get a new phone, right?” Kelly asked. “And you are able to, like, link it up with your cloud, and what do you discover?”

“Yes,” she responded. “A lot of stuff is is gone from my iCloud, had it not been backed up or whatever, but just about everything with Hunter was gone.”

When asked what she thinks happened, Roberts responded: “That is still up in the air. That’s something that I can’t, I can’t explain. I don’t know exactly what happened.”

She added that she has always wondered in the back of her mind if someone interested in protecting Hunter Biden was involved in hacking her iCloud and destroying her phones.



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