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My ‘lazy girl’ hair hack makes French braids much easier | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

A CRAFTY woman has shared a hair tip that may make French braiding your locks a breeze.

All that’s needed to get the job done is a pencil or your utensil of choice.

A woman has shared a hair hack that can make French braiding your hair much easierCredit: TikTok/briananegron
All you need is whatever utensil you have on hand, such as a pencilCredit: TikTok/briananegron

“French braid lazy girl hack,” Bri (@briananegron) began in her TikTok video where she shared her hair hack.

“Step one, part your hair with whatever utensil you can find.”

The beauty guru parted her long dark tresses down the middle using a pencil, making sure to go all the way to the back.

She grabbed a chunk of her hair and split it into three parts.

The parts were then braided down.

After braiding down that section, Bri grabbed a handful of hair by her ear and another by the back of her head and braided the three new sections together.

“Get it nice and tight,” she advised.

She then repeated the hair braiding process on the other side.

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“Kind of a French braid, kind of not,” Bri said.

Loads of people in the comments section were blown away by the hack, some viewers vowing for its efficiency.

“Omg, I love that. I’m lazy with my hair and can’t French braid. This is genius,” one said.

“Love this hack/hairstyle,” a second person said.

“I saw you do this last time and I’ve been doing it ever since. Thank you for your service lol.”


“Girl, that is genius! I always French twist my hair. This will be a nice alternative,” a final person said.

The beauty guru parted her long dark hair down the middle using a pencil, making sure to go all the way to the backCredit: TikTok/briananegron
She showed the braiding process on both sides of her hairCredit: TikTok/briananegron
She showed the final look from the backCredit: TikTok/briananegron


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