My Life (Sims 2) Episode 7.4 “It’s Time”

Episode 4 of Season 7. Could not find the description. I know, I know, I haven’t made 7.5 in AGES. But with the hacker incident and my teachers slowly killing me with homework (literally), how do you expect I could? I have some of it filmed, but I still need to write more to the series now, which could take as little as 2 weeks to as long as 2 months. Please be patient, I’d really appreciate it! Thank you guys sooooo sooo so much for all your support and love. Means a lot. :’] Video description by This is where we pick up where we left off. Ain’t no hacker gonna take down the brilliance that is Natalie and My Life 😀 *cough*BeautyEletric can suck it*cough* Also I might be helping with coming up with the descriptions for future episodes too, so keep an eye out! But here it is, 7.4: The fateful day has come for Ryan and the others to leave for Georgia. Ariel walks into the room and disdainfully tells him that it’s time to leave. Maybe she feels that she made a mistake not agreeing to escape with him… At school, Maddie’s feeling a bit down and the girl sitting next to her doesn’t make it any better when she points out that Ryan (Drake) went to Juvy. Maddie looks at the empty seat Ryan should be in and has a bit of an emotional breakdown, knowing that he’s not in Juvy, but in fact “dead”. Roxy’s taking a trip down memory lane and looking through her family scrapbook and sees a picture of her and her parents when she was a little girl and remembers that brief

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