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My ‘magic turkey hack’ makes Thanksgiving cooking so much easier | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and getting the food right on the big day is on the minds of many.

The Thanksgiving turkey can be one of the most challenging parts of the traditional meal.

Influencer and mom of three Lora has a ‘magic turkey hack’ that ensures a moist bird every single timeCredit: TikTok @lorafied
The influencer said there’s no need to bast or check on the turkey while it cooksCredit: TikTok @lorafied

From concerns over the bird drying out in the oven to undercooking it, plenty can go wrong.

Influencer and mom of three Lora (@lorafied) has a “magic turkey hack” that she swears she “can’t live without.”

The lifestyle, cooking, and money-saving TikToker says the trick ensures her turkey is “moist, brown, and perfect with no basting,” every time.

Lora shared her secret in a recent clip.

She began the cooking process by removing the middle shelf from her oven, to make room for the bird.

After placing her turkey in a roasting pan, she massaged it over and under the skin with butter, before seasoning it with salt and pepper.

She then placed some sliced citrus and herbs in the turkey cavity for flavor.

She admitted the next step was “a little strange but really works” as she sliced an apple in half and put it inside the cavity.

“This will help to keep the breast open and moist,” she said.

The magic hack came in the next step: “Grab your cheesecloth — it’s time for the magic. Soak the entire thing in melted butter and drape it across your bird.”

Covering the turkey with the butter-saturated cloth meant that no part of the bird remained exposed while cooking, so it didn’t have the chance to dry out.

The influencer continued: “Put your turkey in the oven and don’t check it until it’s done — no basting, no nothing!”

This Thanksgiving turkey preparation ensures a roast that’s “so easy and so perfect every time.”

TikTokers were keen to try the recipe. One person said: “I’m trying this! Thank you!”

Another commented that they had tried the hack, and wrote: “We did this and it was perfect!”

Lora’s secret trick is to drape a butter-soaked cheesecloth over her turkeyCredit: TikTok @lorafied
This ensures the meat can’t dry out while the turkey still browns and cooks perfectlyCredit: TikTok @lorafied


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