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My mom hack gets kids to apply their own sunscreen | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

A MOM has revealed her genius hack for getting your child to apply their own sunscreen.

The content creator shared her handy trick that only cost $7 at her local Target.

TikTok user Jhonny Curran shared her handy mom hack for applying sunscreen to your toddlerCredit: Getty

In her video, TikTok user Jhonny Curran (@jhonnycurran) filmed her son as he demonstrated “the best summer hack.”

As the family enjoyed a sunny day by the pool, the influencer showed viewers her trick.

The TikToker took an unusual approach to protecting her child from sun rays.

In the clip, her young son can be seen happily spreading sunscreen across his face using a makeup brush.

Jhonny explained: “Use a cheap makeup brush to apply sunscreen, they never fight you about it and it makes the application so easy and seamless.”

Instead of struggling to get your toddler to sit still to apply sunscreen, Jhonny recommends giving them some independence.

Turning the application process into a game ensures proper coverage and avoids any tears or tantrums.

In the clip’s caption, she wrote that the brush was the “best $7 spent this summer.”

The TikToker revealed that she purchased the Elf Cosmetics contour brush from Target.

Jhonny regularly shares content showing her daily life as a mother of toddlers.

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The content creator showed viewers how she gave her toddler a makeup brush to apply his own sunscreenCredit: TikTok/@jhonnycurran


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