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My thoughts on ‘cancelled’ Irish comic’s new memoir… and it’s no joke | #DatingScams | #LoveScams | #RomanceScans

When I mentioned I was reading (let alone planning to write about) Graham Linehan’s memoir Tough Crowd, my colleague winced.

He pointed out doing so could get me into a little bother.

It didn’t matter that the Dubliner was, until around 2016, much celebrated as the award-winning co-creator of Father Ted, Big Train, The IT Crowd and Black Books, having also contributed to other legendary shows I love such as I’m Alan Partridge, The Fast Show and the like.

For many, none of that matters much anymore.

A few years back, Linehan began to dedicate his life to what was quickly qualified as anti-transgender activism.

Angrily doubling and tripling down, framing himself as a women’s rights campaigner, his arguments became increasingly difficult to follow and unpack.

Points were lost or clouded by hostility and contempt as he fought dirty against an established opposition – ie those at the very opposite end of the debate (who often were, to be fair, just as unkind).

There wasn’t much to win over the rational, unattached onlooker In fact, Linehan had seemingly turned into a sort of extremist.

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