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If you’ve followed the reality series Basketball Wives, then you would know already how unfair love has been to our girl, Jennifer Williams. Falling in love, getting her heart broken, but giving them a chance once again brought the star some big trouble, and she is finally ready to talk about it.

Ever since the release of the documentary series, the star has got so much support and love from fans we’re sure her healing journey must be going right on track. The trailer for the show had just the amount of spice and drama, leaving the fans wanting more.

The series plans on covering Jennifer’s full story, from how it all began when she was naive and so in love with a guy named Nick, and the two had the most picture-perfect romance, but as fate would have, Jennifer was caught completely off guard by her lover’s true identity.

The trailer showed that the guy to be a con artist by profession and no rookie at that, considering the makers have managed to bring in front of the camera some more of Nick’s victims. Jennifer is serious about getting her truth out and seeking revenge, which she hinted might not be through a court case.

This particular statement has left us nervous and curious, and we cannot wait for the future episodes of the series. If you’re a curious cat just like us, then make sure to catch the series, but before you do that, make sure to read up all about Jennifer Williams and her interesting life.

My True Scam Story Cast Bio

Jennifer Williams

Hailing from Orange, New Jersey, Jennifer was born on 17th September 1974 and turned forty-nine not very long ago. She has managed to create a space for herself in the field but continues to maintain her silence about her family.

All we know about her private relations is that her mother passed away in 2016 and that she has recently gotten back in touch with her father after a long time of him not being around. As for Jennifer’s studies, she is known to have enrolled at the University of Maryland’s political science program for her bachelor’s degree.

The Basketball Wives star ended up marrying long-term lover and NBA player Eric Williams, and the two proudly showed off their Bahamas-based wedding photographs on social media as well.

But only three years into their marriage, in 2010, the couple announced their divorce, and it became a whole dramatic event when Jennifer accused her husband, Eric, of allegedly cheating on her with another woman and even raising a kid. 

Jennifer Williams for Basketball Wives (Credits: VH1)

It seems like the star cannot catch a break and that she has never had a quiet moment in her dating life, considering her relationships with Cisco Rosado, Tim Norman, and another man named Aaron Nichols have all ended in ways that would make us want to cut off from the world forever.

But Jennifer tried her hand at love again, revealing in August 2023 that she had been proposed to by a guy named Christian Gold. Despite her tragic experiences with love, Jennifer proudly announced to her 1.1 million fans on Instagram that she was officially out of the dating pool.

Jennifer Williams Career & Basketball Wives

Starting off as a real estate broker in New Jersey and selling expensive places to clients was what this millionaire was doing before fame and success hit her in the face. She had been dating Eric Williams since the early 2000s and had appeared next to him quite a few times.

But it was only when the two officially announced the wedding and shared the Bahamas wedding pictures with the world that she became a Basketball wife, both literally and in terms of the show’s cast.

She joined the series during the fourth season, and fans enjoyed every bit of her screen time. She was not whiny and had the talk-to-me-like-an-adult-human energy that fans loved. Keeping to herself and not caring about other people’s business was kind of her motto though we also think she was busy saving her disastrous relationship at the time, which could also have been a reason.

She remained with the show for two consecutive seasons, though her wedding scandal and the cheating allegations that she put on her husband forced her to take a break from the series. After the divorce was finalized, Jennifer returned to the show in future seasons and continues to visit the sets.

Jennifer Williams for My True Scam Story (Credits: Jennifer Williams Productions)Jennifer Williams for My True Scam Story (Credits: Jennifer Williams Productions)
Jennifer Williams for My True Scam Story (Credits: Jennifer Williams Productions)

Her next appearance in front of the public was through an acting role in a movie that came out in 2021 called The First Lady 3. After this, we also saw her in reality shows, including The Next 15 and Supermodel. 

Her television appearances were not all that impactful, and there was a reason behind it. It turns out Jennifer was busy being a girl boss behind the scenes, and she had managed to create her own businesses, including Flirty Girl Fitness and Classy Girl Wardrobe, alongside a full-blown cosmetics line called Lucid Cosmetics, selling lip glosses to all the girlies out there.

It is solely through her own effort that Jennifer has managed to be at the top and become a multi-millionaire who is about to get happily married to her newfound love. And it is as she is entering this new phase of her life that she is putting out her documentary series, sharing her healing journey with fans who could not be more supportive of it.


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