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A North Korean hacking group has stolen the email accounts of
nearly 1,500 South Korean people, including dozens of government
officials, this year after taking control of about 500 transit
servers at home and abroad, the Korean National Police Agency
(KNPA) said Tuesday, Azernews reports, citing
Yonhap News Agency.

The North’s hacking organization, identified as “Kimsuky,” was
also found to have attempted to steal the victims’ virtual assets,
as well as their personal information, IDs and passwords, the KNPA
said, though the virtual asset theft attempts failed due to strict
security procedures.

A total of 1,468 South Koreans, including 57 former and current
government officials, had their email accounts stolen by Kimsuky in
2023, marking a nearly 30-fold increase from only 49 victims
reported to the authorities last year.

Last year’s victims were mostly diplomacy and security experts
but Kimsuky has indiscriminately expanded the target of its hacking
attacks to the general public, the agency said, adding 1,411
ordinary citizens, including company employees and self-employed
people, suffered damage this year.

Kimsuky sent malicious emails to the victims under the feigned
names of government organizations, reporters and research
institutes after changing its IP address via 576 servers at home
and abroad, the KNPA said. The hacking group then gained access to
the victims’ attached documents, address directories and other
data, though there were no confidential materials among the stolen

Notably, Kimsuky’s hacking method has become far more
sophisticated, as some of the victims were induced by attached URLs
to access fake websites imitating trustworthy organizations or
portals, the agency noted.

The North’s hackers attempted to steal virtual assets from 19 of
the victims by fraudulently accessing their virtual asset exchange
accounts but those attempts were not successful due to strict
security procedures, the KNPA said.

The agency has also confirmed that Kimsuky has earned less than
1 million won (US$775) by secretly running a virtual asset mining
program on 147 transit servers taken over through hacking.

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