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Early Tuesday morning, the Twitter account belonging to Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis Davis, “General Hospital”) was hacked and began posting racist and anti-government rhetoric. Along with updating the profile image to something resembling a shirtless and buffed-up Donald Trump with pro-Trump postings, the hacker also changed Grahn’s profile description, which read, “If Trump has a million fans, then I am one of them. If Trump has ten fans, then I am one of them. If Trump has only one fan then that is me.” Without question, it was obvious the posts didn’t come from the actress.

The hack reportedly occurred at around 4:00 a.m. PDT on Tuesday, June 20, with the hacker’s first tweet stating, “the @FBI is after me, they deleted my pinned tweet and are currently investigating me… im scared for my life, someone please help me, i don’t know what todo!” That tweet received over 37,000 views at the time a screengrab was pulled by Soap Opera Network earlier today. 

Another tweet, claiming Grahn had quit “General Hospital,” also received a significant amount of views. It stated, “no longer apart of @GeneralHospital. im sorry to all the fans this may upset, but i feel like its time to move onto bigger and better things – nancy.” 

In a later tweet, the hacker used the N-word to indicate they are back posting after attempting to assure fans they were Grahn, who had seemingly just gotten the account back, while blaming Twitter user @WubsNet for the hack itself. “hey everyone! I’m sorry about all the tweets from earlier, my account was hacked by @WubsNet and i just got it back. Deleting the tweets now, but it may take awhile,” the tweet read just before the N-word tweet was posted by the hacker.

A tweet published at 6:05 p.m. EDT seems to indicate that Grahn has regained access to her Twitter account (@NancyLeeGrahn). In the post, Grahn says, “Hi friends, regrettably & quite obviously my account was recently hacked & I sincerely apologize for any harmful rhetoric that was shared without my consent.”

At press time, the real Grahn’s tweet has been viewed just over 15,000 times. Additionally, the profile image for the account has returned to one resembling Grahn, and the racist, anti-government and pro-Trump tweets have since been deleted.

In response to the real Grahn’s tweet on regaining her account, Twitter user @Rb33399 said, “I thought you were leaving GH and I was very upset.” Grahn responded to the tweet, saying, “I would never do that to you… or me.”

Yvette Nicole Brown, who appeared on “General Hospital” as a Nurse to help celebrate the life of her real-life friend, the late Sonya Eddy (Epiphany Johnson), helped lead the charge in fans informing Twitter of Grahn’s hacked account so that the actress could get her account back.

In a tweet, Brown said, “Dear @GeneralHospital and fans of Nancy Lee Grahn, please report her page as hacked. No tweets originating from her page right now are actually from her. Please help her get control back. And yes I know with the current ownership this hacking may be by design.”

Welcome back, Nancy and thank you, Yvette!


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