NASA releases space security guide to enhance mission cybersecurity | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #ransomware

NASA has unveiled the initial version of its Space Security Best Practices Guide, marking a crucial step in bolstering cybersecurity for both public and private space activities. This guide, a testament to NASA’s dedication to mission longevity and resilience, serves as a valuable resource for improving the security and reliability of space missions.
Designed to benefit a broad audience, including international partners and industry professionals, the guide offers security guidance applicable to missions, programs, or projects of any scale. Misty Finical, deputy principal advisor for enterprise protection at NASA, emphasizes the importance of safeguarding space missions against potential threats. “This guide represents a collective effort to establish a set of principles that will enable us to identify and mitigate risks and ensure continued success of our missions, both in Earth’s orbit and beyond,” Finical said.
As space systems increasingly integrate information and operational technologies, NASA acknowledges the dual nature of these developments—providing new opportunities while introducing vulnerabilities. The Space Security Best Practices Guide addresses these challenges, offering recommendations for adapting to evolving threats and implementing safety measures.
Aligned with NASA’s commitment to cybersecurity principles for space systems, as outlined in the Space System Protection Standard, the guide supports the objectives of Space Policy Directive 5, focusing on Cybersecurity Principles for Space Systems. NASA invites feedback from the space community to enhance future versions of the guide.


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