National Cyber Security Hall of Fame Announces 2016 Inductees

BALTIMORE, Sept. 22, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — The National Cyber Security Hall of Fame has released the names of seven visionaries who will be inducted into the Hall of Fame at a gala and inductee ceremony on Thursday, October 20, at the Hilton Baltimore in Inner Harbor Baltimore, Maryland.

The National Cyber Security Hall of Fame is composed of individuals who collectively invented the technologies, created awareness, promoted and delivered education, developed and influenced policy, and created businesses to begin addressing the cyber security problem.

“These innovators truly deserve a place in the Cyber Security Hall of Fame. We are proud to recognize their distinguished contributions and honor the influence they have had on the industry at large,” said Mike Jacobs, the first Information Assurance Director for the National Security Agency (NSA) and a respected cyber security consultant to government and industry.

The board of advisors selected the following seven individuals to be inducted into the 2016 Cyber Security Hall of Fame:

Dan Geer, Chief Information Security Officer at In-Q-Tel;

Lance J. Hoffman, Distinguished Research Professor of Computer Science, The George Washington University;

Horst Feistel, Cryptographer and Inventor of the United States Data Encryption Standard (DES);

Paul Karger, High Assurance Architect, Prolific Writer and Creative Inventor;

Butler Lampson, Adjunct Professor at MIT, Turing Award and Draper Prize winner;

Leonard J. LaPadula, Co-author of the Bell-LaPadula Model of Computer Security; and

William Hugh Murray, Pioneer, Author and Founder of the Colloquium for Information System Security Education (CISSE)

Since its inception in 2012, the National Cyber Security Hall of Fame has inducted more than 25 individuals. Nominations are made by leading companies, and organizations engaged in cybersecurity and are ranked and reviewed by the board using established criteria in five categories: Technology, Policy, Public Awareness, Education and Business.

Tickets for the Cyber Security Hall of Fame Gala are $250 and available at:

About the National Cyber Security Hall of Fame

The National Cyber Security Hall of Fame motto, “Respect the Past: Protect the Future,” recognizes the history and contributions of those pioneers, innovators and educators who influenced the industry and laid the foundation for those who today stand sentry on tomorrow’s cyber security challenges and solutions.


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