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#cybersecurity | hacker | ZyXEL NAS devices receive critical firmware patch

The Software Engineering Institute CERT Coordination Center advised that several ZyXEL network-attached storage devices contain a pre-authentication command injection vulnerability. CVE-2020-9054, if exploited, could allow a remote, unauthenticated attacker to execute arbitrary code on a vulnerable device. The problem is it uses the weblogin.cgi CGI executable for authentication and that…

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#infosec | #RSAC: 10 Reasons Why a Cybersecurity Career is Beneficial to Personal and Professional Development

While there is increased stress in cybersecurity and “good days and bad days,” we should also focus on the “tremendous positives” in the industry’s achievements. Speaking at the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) summit at the RSA Conference in San Francisco, Phil Venables, board director and senior advisor for risk and cybersecurity at Goldman Sachs Bank, said that despite…

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CoinJoin’s First Steps: How Dark Wallet Paved the Way for a More Private Bitcoin

CoinJoin. Trustless mixing. Anonymity. Bitcoin Magazine’s September 2013 cover — all black with hints of golden fingerprints — needed only four words to announce a powerful new privacy tool. At a time when industry representatives like the Bitcoin Foundation were downplaying Bitcoin’s anonymity features, regulators in New York were developing…

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